Twin Peaks - The True Story

Twin Peaks - The True Story

by Harry E Teter


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In Twin Peaks, California, on a horrible night 40 years ago, a young woman was killed. One life ended, and that of a young man forever changed. This real-life murder mystery begs the question: is it the true basis of the hugely popular TV series Twin Peaks? Too many similarities exist. It cannot be coincidence.

A radio call in the early morning hours reporting a house fire becomes a firefighter's worst nightmare when he realizes it's his own home, fully involved. His first question is, "Where's Nancy?" Too soon he learns his girlfriend was inside, raped and murdered, and the fire set to destroy evidence. Due to the Sheriff's Department's unwillingness to cross the "Blue Line," it may have remained a cold case forever had it not been for the stubborn determination of one man over many decades to find the killer.

Cleared of wrongdoing, the author begins his own investigation to find the murderer. Alone in his search with a suspect in mind, bit by bit, hints, memories, and facts reveal themselves. The suspect's family members, the suspect himself, case facts, and other secrets kept over the years help the author discover things that challenge the TV series for strange oddities in a small town.

The personal cost is great on every level. Risks are taken, enemies made, memories buried resurface to open old wounds-all in honor of the victim's memory and to expose a killer. While formal justice is never found, Karma is served and the limelight given to the remake of the surreal TV show Twin Peaks allows a timely opportunity for revealing the answer to the question: "Who killed Nancy Easton?"

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