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An out of body experience during childhood and some uncanny experiences around the death of loved ones at a young age set the foundation for a lifetime of questions. What is the purpose of our life on Earth? What is behind the series of coincidences that happens to us in life? Keith Giemre unpacks his own life experiences to help you make sense of yours.

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ISBN-13: 9781451531145
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication date: 04/13/2010
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

The author Keith Giemre has worked in South Africa and England, and is now living in Cape Town, South Africa overlooking the Atlantic Sea, with Table Mountain nestled on the left hand side. He has just concluded his series on body, mind and soul with his fifth book; 'It Just Is'
The series is aimed at a readership of adults who at sometime in their lives, have begun to question the mysteries of life. The books are a record of the evolvement of his body, mind and soul, covering his lifetime from a small boy until today, some nine years after retiring from work. The books trace questions, such as: Who are we? Why are we living on earth? And what happens to us when our earth body dies? And what happens to our soul after the earth death?
A first out of body experience at the age of eleven has been followed by active research for over 60 years in the study of these questions. Knowledge has been acquired from meeting similar minded people, books on the subject matter, sittings with psychics and mediums, and through attendance at spiritual groups.
Readers will find the series presented in an easy to read style, which provides much food for thought. The author is upfront with the comment that none of his scenarios or conclusions are capable of being verified; recognizing the fact that there is probably no one answer from any person living, to any of the questions around the mysteries of life. The reader will however go away feeling that his knowledge of the subjects has improved.
Although it makes sense to read this book series in order, each book also stands by itself, and can be read as a separate complete book: Unpacking Life: Power to Be: The Game of Life: The Mysteries of Life: It Just Is:

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