Unravel Me (Shatter Me Series #2)

Unravel Me (Shatter Me Series #2)

by Tahereh Mafi


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The New York Times bestselling sequel to the groundbreaking dystopian novel Shatter Me! Kami Garcia, coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Beautiful Creatures series, says Unravel Me is "dangerous, sexy, romantic, and intense. I dare you to stop reading."

Juliette is still haunted by her deadly touch. But now that she has teamed up with other rebels with powers of their own, she'll be able to fight back against The Reestablishment to save her broken world. With the help of these new allies, she'll also finally learn the secret behind Adam's—and Warner's—immunity to her killer skin.

Unravel Me is perfect for fans who crave action-packed young adult novels with tantalizing romance like Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Legend by Marie Lu. Ransom Riggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, raves: "A thrilling, high-stakes saga of self-discovery and forbidden love, the Shatter Me series is a must-read for fans of dystopian young-adult literature—or any literature!"

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062085542
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/31/2013
Series: Shatter Me Series , #2
Pages: 496
Sales rank: 19,729
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.50(d)
Lexile: HL790L (what's this?)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Tahereh Mafi is a girl. She was born in a small city somewhere in Connecticut and currently resides in Orange County, California, where the weather is just a little too perfect for her taste. When unable to find a book, she can be found reading candy wrappers, coupons, and old receipts. Ignite Me is the final novel in a trilogy about Juliette.

What People are Saying About This

Kami Garcia

“Unravel Me is dangerous, sexy, romantic, and intense. I dare you to stop reading.”

Ransom Riggs

PRAISE FOR UNRAVEL ME:“The world of Unravel Me is terrifying and unique; its characters steam with passion, and Tahereh Mafi’s bold, inventive prose crackles with raw emotion.”

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Unravel Me 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 250 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BABIES. If you've been with this series since the beginning, this will satisfy your expectations. You won't be prepared. You won't be prepared at all for everything that is to come. I love Adam, I'm unashamed to admit that. What Juliette tells Warner about the type of person he is is exactly how I feel about him. Not the right guy for a relationship. So many secrets, so many twists and turns, so many emotion jerkers. I finished all 461 pages in 3 hours 55 minutes and I'm hungry for more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just sat down and read this novel in about 4 hours. I couldn't put it down! The poetic language is beautiful, and Mafi spends a satisfying amount of time thoroughly developing ALL of the main characters. Juliette is just as likable as in the first book. Adam is so complicated, but I feel like she also made him more realistic and human. And Warner? Oh my word, he has become oh so attractive. Finally, Kenji steals the show...Mafi gives him so many fabulous one-liners...if I wasn't nervously tearing through the pages of this book during the drama, I was litetally laughing my head off at Kenji. One recommendation I have is to read "Destroy Me," the short novella that centers around Warner BEFORE you pick this up. That way, you'll understand his character that much better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hope she ends up with warner
Blouta More than 1 year ago
Even better then the first book. I just couldn't put it down. Reading Destroy Me before Unravel really helped me understand Warner and his decisions. I recommend that people read that e-book before they read Unravel Me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
wow! Read the whole thing this morning - could NOT put it down! I cannot wait to read the third book now - but if she can't be with Adam, I am gonna be seriously pissed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok, so I have been waiting for this book for a year and a half and I can't tell you how worth the wait was. This is such an amaizing book. I just kove how Mafi makes her writting so intense and alluring. What i loved most in this book was actually Kenji. GOD I love him. Hes the perfect mix of goofy, loyal, and kind of harsh at the same time. I really loved the way he was realistic with Juliette and made her not feel sorry for herself and to stop being the victim so much. You dont see much if Adam in this book. At the start i was a little bit dissapointed, but towards the end i started liking Warner better and better. Althoug im confused as hell. (Chapter 62 *faints and dies of heart attack*) Like most reviews say, you HAVE to read the novella Destroy Me to acctually understand Warner. I've grown to like him a little too much, but oh well. Juliette was a little bit dissapointing but i still love her as always. I didnt notice her much eventhoug it wwas from her point of view. Still this book is a MUST read. Totally worth your money.
terferj More than 1 year ago
So far I'm loving the series! It took me a little bit in the first book to get into her writing style, but once I did I couldn't stop reading. This book takes place mostly in Omega Point (the secret headquarters for people with gifts). For the first time Juliette has to become part of a group, a team. Oh, Adam is still dreamy but he has competition with Warner. I'm so torn now! I <3 Adam but Warner is making his appearance in my head. Adam learns about why he can touch Juliette and it almost cost him. We learn a shocking discovering involving some characters. We get more of Kenji. He's great comic relief. We read Chapter 62. O.o *mouth drops to the ground* I can't wait until the next book to see what happens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a great story. Love this series, I wish the last one was out already! Team Warner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love . Team warner
Disquietus More than 1 year ago
I am in love with this book. The writing you guys. It's almost criminal how good it is. It's the kind of writing I want to sink into and wrap around myself and live in forever. Tahereh Mafi has the most gorgeous way with words. Descriptive, evocative, painful and all sorts of other adjectives that can't possibly give justice to her magic. She writes like no one else out there and even though it probably shouldn't work, it does in the best possible way. And her characters. These beautiful, complex, tortured, hopeful, amazing characters. Juliette just blows me away. This girl feels so much and her mind is so beautiful. There are times when her self-loathing literally had me crying. She's such a complex character and watching her slowly accept herself and this immense, overwhelming, earth-shattering power of hers was an amazing reading experience. She's still got a long way to go. She's still angry and confused but she's finally starting to come out of her shell and make her own choices and I can't wait to see where they take her. Adam. I honestly don't know how I feel about him. Or Warner. Going into this, it'd been long enough since I read Shatter Me that I couldn't remember how I felt about any of the characters, and since I haven't yet read the Destroy Me novella, I was looking at these boys and this triangle with completely fresh eyes, and I love them both. I literally cannot choose. Juliette and Adam are beautiful together. I cannot handle how much Juliette loves Adam and how much Adam loves her. It's beautiful and painful and I really want them to have their happily ever after. And it doesn't hurt that because of Mafi's gorgeous way with words it is easy to picture just how amazingly sexy and passionate Adam is. There were times when he was definitely frustrating, but this boy is dealing with so much, including a couple of revelations that rocked the foundation of his world, so I think he can be forgiven for feeling and acting the way he does about certain things. And it breaks my heart because I know that things are probably going to get worse for him before they get better. Warner. UGH. I fought so hard not to fall for him. But then Chapter 62 happened and that was the end of everything in the world for me. Seriously. I think I read it 3 or 4 times before I could move on. It might be the greatest chapter in YA history. Or maybe that's just me. But on to the more important stuff. Warner is definitely flawed. He's done some horrific, unforgivable things. Thing's he doesn't apologize for and he's definitely got a long path to redemption, if redemption is even possible. Warner and Juliette have such intense chemistry, and once again Mafi's talent with words had me struggling not to fall in love with them as a couple. They just connect in a way that Adam and Juliette don't. They could be the best or worst thing for each other. I especially enjoy them because Juliette doesn't know how to handle Warner at all, which definitely has its fun moments. While there is a part of me that not so secretly hopes that they find a way to keep each other, I'm trying to harden my heart because the much more realistic part of me doesn't see a way for Warner to survive this war. As for the other major supporting characters...I'm not sure how I feel about Castle. I'm definitely on the fence about him and don't trust him at all. I look forward to Warner's father's death immensely and Kenji is my favorite person ever. If you don't love Kenji I can't know you, and if he doesn't survive I will cry forever and ever and never forgive. Even though it may seem as if he's just there for comic relief, there is definitely more to him than that. Maybe we'll get a Kenji novella. That would be awesome. 2014 cannot come soon enough. I can't wait to see how this all ends, especially after that intense ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Only complaint is that I WANT MORE
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When someone compared the love triangle to the Vampire Diaries I was like &quot;YES! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN THINKING ALL THROUGH UNRAVEL ME.&quot; The similarities in the love triangles are perfect. And I want Juliette to end up with Warner, or... er Adam. I just don't know. I love them both, and Juliette practically had two different sides to her, she loves them both. I know she'll pick Adam though, and that kinda breaks my heart because well then Warner really is alone :( and ugh I don't know. I am too emotionally invested in this book XD
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
SPOILER ALERT - IF YOU'VE NOT READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS READ NO FURTHER!! We find Juliette, Adam, and Kenji at Omega Point. Juliette and Adam are beginning to settle in, or at least Adam is. Juliette slips farther and farther into her old, semi-catatonic state with each passing day. Juliette has reverted to form, her fears and insecurities coming to the fore, easily shattering her resolution made at the end of book one. Castle, the creator and power that runs Omega Point, is working to get Juliette and Adam to learn how to harness their &quot;Energy,&quot; otherwise known as their gifts. Just like Kenji learned that he could become invisible, over time and with a lot of hard work he learned to project that out. Now he has reached the point where he can cloak others with his invisibility as long as he is touching them. And this is what Castle is pushing Adam &amp; Juliette to do. But Juliette spirals out of control in her head and is unable to make any progress. Having Castle push just makes things harder, as do all the secrets Juliette is keeping from Adam and the others. Secrets that just keep piling up as time goes by. Even after some of her secrets are revealed by others she still can't take that step to open up and share all she knows. Particularly when it comes to Warner for some unknown reason - except she knows in her heart of hearts why she is holding his secrets safe. The action is never lacking in this installment of the series, nor is the ongoing mental mess that is Juliette. Just when you think she's made a breakthrough she suddenly has a setback and reverts to form. Life with Juliette often seems to be one step forward and two steps back, then three steps forward and one step back. She just can't seem to truly break free of the insanity that she's been struggling to hold at bay for her entire life. Just when things begin to like like they are turning a corner for Juliette she learns something about Adam that has the ability to destroy not only her, but potentially him as well. The interaction between Warner and Juliette is wild in this book. It covers the entire range if emotions and even physical discoveries. Discoveries that are both a blessing and a trial in one, at least from Juliette's point of view. And though Warner comes off as being more stable than Juliette, I tend to think that it is simply a side effect of his military upbringing that allows him to seem so much more 'together' than Juliette. And Juliette's new knowledge of Adam opens the door for Warner to try to step into the breach. Once again Ms. Mafi has crafted a story that is full of compelling characters and intense, individual story lines that all twist together to form the central story. This is another pick it up and read until the end before you can set it down book. My only real issue is with Juliette's continual relapses. By now I am ready to see her take control of her own life and accept responsibility for her actions without constantly apologizing and dissolving into a quivering mess. Yet with the strong ending that once again leaves us hanging, there is no question that I will be reading the next book in the series the day it is released (unless I get lucky enough to wrangle an ARC somehow)!! Now to pray that another book IS planned to follow this one and answer all the loose ends, and that Juliette finds her spine and keeps it. :-)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too good to be true! Wish it would go on forever and ever and ever......
ngochong More than 1 year ago
Keeps you turning the pages. Very romantic and action-packed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I need more! Please hurry I want to know what happens next. I couldnt put this book down.
Cupcakegirly More than 1 year ago
Mind Blowing Sequel! To say this sequel to the electrifying Shatter Me is intense would be an understatement of epic proportions. I was merely a few pages into it when my heart decided to jump out of my chest and take up residence in my throat where it pretty much stayed before exploding it went *poof* right along with my mind. *poof* I tell you... *POOF!* Unravel Me pick ups where Shatter Me leaves off and is full of gut-wrenching feels aka, action, suspense and plot twists that are both shocking and heartbreaking. Tahereh's prose is still poetic and beautiful and once again, you feel like you are IN Juliette's head peering out of her eyes. (Not a bad view mind you.) Juliette wants nothing more than to fit in and spend her time making out with Adam, um, I mean, safe within Omega Point but her battle to overcome a lifetime of insecurities makes it difficult for her to trust others. She's supposed to be learning how to manage her ability but a situation arises that leaves her feeling dead, weak, alone and useless. With the help of the others and the snarkilicious Kenji, Juliette will begin to discover that there is strength in power and while it may be deadly, it can still be good. Adam is as fantastic as ever but he broke my heart in this book. I seriously wanted to write myself into the story as a character with the ability to bake lethal cupcakes, so I could hug him - forever. He not only has James to look after and a war to prepare for, but he and Juliette will face challenges they never could've imagined. His love for her is the one constant she can count on but will it be enough? *clutches chest* We get to spend more time with Kenji and he is made of awesome! He's the kind of friend everyone needs because can make you laugh one minute with his snark and throw down some truth in the next. &quot;Yeah, bro.&quot; Kenji puts his utensils down. &quot;You are moody. It's always 'Shut up, Kenji.' 'Go to sleep, Kenji.' 'No one want to see you naked, Kenji.' When I know for a fact that there are thousands of people who would love to see me naked-&quot; Then there's Warner. *sighs* I didn't think it was possible to love a would-be villain more but OH.MY.WORD! *fans face* We get a glimpse of the different layers that make up Warner and he's more broken than Humpty Dumpty. A tormented mix of strength, hotness and heart aching vulnerability, I couldn't decide if I wanted to punch him in the junk or do something to take all of his hurt away. (Like bake him some brownies and talk like we've done in my dreams.) This book ended with me frantically trying to piece my shredded heart back together and as a result, I predict this will happen with book 3: 1) I will love it. 2) I will want to sleep with WarnerAdamJuliette under my pillow. 3) It will be the death of me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
loved it loved it. Honestley this is not the best plot but its totally good enough. love the interaction between the people and cant get enough of Warner and Adam. Couldnt stop reading and had to buy the book version to lend to all my freinds. SOOO looking forward to the third book but sad at the same time that it will all end and that she will have to pick one of the men. I totally love warner but my friend loves adam. Love that. I just hope that everyone looks at it the way i do, ok plot fabulous butterflys.
eis4_erika More than 1 year ago
Amazing sequel! Read it in less than 24 hours. Loved the poetic lines. Loved the action. Loved the romance. Loved the character development. Loved the new characters. Loved Juliette (at times). Loved Kenji. And absolutely loved Warner! Cannot wait for book number 3!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cannot wait for the next installment, i may have fallen for poor, tortuted Warner;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series has got to be the best I have read. The way that Tahereh writes is out of this world, and she is sooo young! I love everthing about these books, the love story, the plot, the powers. As i always go for the bad guys in every story I am in love with Warner and ca not wait for the 3rd book to come out. I am 40 pages from the end of Unravel Me and too dissappointed to finish, knowing that I will have to wait almost another year to enter into this magical story again. A movie, by the way, would be totally fulfilling to me! *Hint hint*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I stumbled upon this series & i am so happy i did!! I read all 3 ( the main 2 plus the novella) within a 24 hr time frame!!! I absolutly love Adam & Juilette's love for each other. I understand how she is drawn to Aaron but i really hope she stays with Adam!! Super excited for the last book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just love this book , i can' t 4 the next 1,
julesana8818 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED this book.  Amazing.  Team Warner :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome. better than the first. Hoping juliette ends up with Warner