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U.S. Immigration Made Easy / Edition 17

U.S. Immigration Made Easy / Edition 17

by Ilona Bray J.D.Ilona Bray J.D.


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Written by immigration attorneys, U.S. Immigration Made Easy is the most compact yet complete resource available to help laypeople and legal professionals learn who is eligible to come to the U.S. on a permanent or temporary basis and how to do so. The book demystifies the law, government policies, and application procedures, discussing most ways to legally enter, live in, or stay in the United States, including through:

  • work visas
  • student visas
  • asylum or refugee status
  • greens card through family, employment, or in some other category
  • U visas for crime victims,
  • and more.

Provides step-by-step instructions for filing application forms, and tips on dealing with government officials, delays and denials. Thoroughly updated and revised, this edition covers the latest changes in immigration law, including restrictions on entry for citizens of certain countries, new public charge rules requiring proof of immigrants’ financial self-sufficiency, the latest average processing times, and much more.

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ISBN-13: 9781413321104
Publisher: NOLO
Publication date: 01/26/2015
Edition description: Seventeenth Edition
Pages: 688
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Ilona Bray is an author and legal editor at Nolo, specializing in real estate, immigration law, and nonprofit fundraising. She is coauthor of Becoming a U.S. Citizen, U.S. Immigration Made Easy, Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home and numerous other top selling books. Bray's working background includes solo practice, nonprofit, and corporate stints, as well as long periods of volunteering, including an internship at Amnesty International's main legal office in London. She received her law degree and a Masters degree in East Asian (Chinese) Studies from the University of Washington. Bray also blogs on Nolo's Immigration Law Blog.

Table of Contents

Your Immigration Companion
Part I
Getting Started: U.S. Immigration Eligibility and Procedures
1. Where to Begin on Your Path Toward Immigration
2. Are You Already a U.S. Citizen?
3. Can You Enter or Stay in the U.S. at All?
4. Dealing With Paperwork, Government Officials, Delays, and Denials
5. Special Rules for Canadians and Mexicans
6. How and When to Find a Lawyer
Part II
Introduction to Permanent U.S. Residence (Green Cards)
7. Getting a Green Card Through Family In the U.S.
8. Getting a Visa to Marry Your U.S. Citizen Fiancé (K-1)
9. Getting a Green Card Through Employment
10. Getting a Green Card Through the Diversity Visa Lottery

11. Getting a Green Card as an Investor
12. Getting a Green Card as a Special Immigrant
13. Humanitarian Protection: TPS, DED, Asylee, and Refugee Status
14. After Your Approval for a Green Card
Part III
Introduction to Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Visas
15. Getting a Business or Tourist (B-1 or B-2) Visa
16. Getting a Temporary Specialty Worker (H-1B) Visa
17. Getting a Temporary Nonagricultural Worker (H-2B) Visa
18. Getting a Temporary Trainee (H-3) Visa
19. Getting an Intracompany Transferee (L-1) Visa
20. Getting a Treaty Trader (E-1) Visa
21. Getting a Treaty Investor (E-2) Visa
22. Getting a Student (F-1 or M-1) Visa
23. Getting an Exchange Visitor (J-1) Visa
24. Getting a Visa as a Temporary Worker in a Selected Occupation (O, P, or R Visa)


This book has a long history, and I wasn’t its original author. In fact, I wish I’d known it existed when I was starting out in immigration law. Nowhere else will you find, between two covers, such a concise explanation of this complex area of law. Even in law school, one isn’t taught the nuts and bolts aspects of which immigration forms to prepare, how to document a persuasive application, and how to deal with the inevitable hassles when up against a huge, often slow-moving government bureaucracy. Adapting the book to the never-ending changes and adjustments in law has been a satisfying challenge. I’m hugely grateful for the help of practicing attorney Kyle Knapp, who went over this new edition with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it’s accurate, up to date, and streamlined.

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