V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

Paperback(New Edition)

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Set in a futurist totalitarian England, a country without freedom or faith, a mysterious man in a white porcelain mask strikes back against the oppressive overlords on behalf of the voiceless. Armed with only knives and his wits, V, as he’s called, aims to bring about change in this horrific new world. His only ally? A young woman named Evey Hammond. And she is in for much more than she ever bargained for…

A visionary graphic novel that defines sophisticated storytelling, this powerful tale detailing the loss and fight for individuality has become a cultural touchstone and an enduring allegory for current events. Master storytellers Alan Moore and David Lloyd are at the top of their craft in this terrifying portrait of totalitarianism and resistance.

This paperback edition collects the classic graphic novel, which served as inspiration for the hit 2008 film from Warner Bros.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781401208417
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication date: 02/10/2009
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 20,092
Product dimensions: 6.66(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.56(d)
Age Range: 17 - 18 Years

About the Author

Alan Moore is perhaps the most acclaimed writer in the graphic story medium, having garnered countless awards for works such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing and Miracleman. He is also the mastermind behind the America's Best Comics line, through which he has created (along with many talented illustrators) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, Tom Strong, Tomorrow Stories and Top Ten.

David Lloyd has been working in comics since 1977. Amongst his most favored works are Sláine: Cauldron of Blood, Night Raven: House of Cards, Aliens: Glass Corridor, Weird War Tales, Gangland, Dark Horse Presents 86, The Horrorist, Marlowe: The Graphic Novel, Hellblazer: Rare Cuts, War Story: J For Jenny, War Story: Nightingale, and Kickback.

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V for Vendetta 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 199 reviews.
Tuna_Envelope More than 1 year ago
V stands for Vengeance, Victory, Violence, but most importantly, V for Vendetta. Alan Moore's classic is one that needs to be read by every single comic book geek standing on this planet. It is a graphic novel that must be read by whose who want some social commentary, awesome action sequences, great art, or just read about really interesting characters. There isn't much to say against V for Vendetta, in fact, I can't think of something to say against it. It is hard to review a book that I love, but I'll give it a try and I hope it turns out spoiler-free. Alan Moore is a man who loves social-criticism and he really love to play around with controversial topics like anarchism, totalitarianism, prostitution, sex, rape, and nudity (whoever knows who Dr. M is, will know what I mean). He is a very wise man that always tries to criticize governments and society as a whole. He creates these really cool and complex characters and the ones he created for this novel are V and Evey. V is a mysterious man who wears this mask that covers his face and Evey is a young girl whose parents were killed and now she lives alone in poverty and has only one way to pay for her necessities, prostitution. V goes on a personal mission to destroy this totalitarian British government named Norsefire. The story is set in a fictional time after the events of a violent Nuclear War. The book tells us to "Remember, Remember the fifth of November", we really don't know what happened that day until several pages in. This line has a compelling story line that goes with it that I won't spoil. The characters are well made, the story is rather intriguing, what else can be said about this masterpiece is the question. The answer is simple, the art style is great. I really love the contrast between dark and bright colors that is used throughout the novel. It really adds to the dark and mysterious themes, events, and characters that Moore created. The combination of the dramatic art-style and the awesome dialogue is just great. Sometimes drawings can say much more than written descriptions and in this book, this extraordinary thing happens (another great example of this is Maus by Art Spiegelman that I also recommend). By just seeing the colors, the drawing technique, and the shadings used we get the idea of the overall mood of the situation. So who made this artistic masterpiece? A guy named David Lloyd did. In conclusion, V for vendetta is a masterpiece. It should be read by every single comic book geek and literature lovers in this world because of the strong narrative and its art style. When you finish this book I recommend you to read Alan Moore's other novel, Watchmen and see the film version of V for Vendetta written and produced by the Wachowski Brothers because both are made using the same style and mood but.
JoyNerd More than 1 year ago
After watching the film adaptation of V for Vendetta, I completely fell in love with the story, and the ever-so-mysterious character named "V". After finding out that it was originally a graphic novel, I hunted down this book right away. I thought it was fabulous. And the most interesting thing, though, is that the book is very, very different from the movie. Most films are almost never like the books, but these two have so many differences that I can almost consider them two separate stories. It was a bit confusing at first because I was expecting to read it as if I was reading the movie on paper, but there are more twists, the plot is rearranged, and the characters are a bit different (ex: in the movie, Evey is a young adult who has a job at the BTN, whereas Evey in the book is a 16 year old girl who resorts to prostitution). The book also follows more of a anarchism theme and the film follows more of a freedom theme. All in all, both the film and the graphic novel have their own strengths and it really is up to the reader to decide which one they prefer. I think they're both great in their own ways.
Disenchanted More than 1 year ago
I love Alan Moore's writing and V for Vendetta was awsome. The book was very dramatic and thrilling with lots of twists and turns. The story was so creative and interesting I couldn't put it down. I would definatly recommend this book to anyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was under the graphic novel section, feel cheated out of 10 bucks. Love the movie, would've loved to have the graphic novel on my nook. Now I have a movie novelization instead.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so amazing. i started reading it for my summer reading program for next year's english class. At first i was thinking why a comic but when i continued this book was so amazing. I couldn't put it down. It isn't just a regular comic book like the ones i've read before. It has an incredible plot line.
kristin1129 More than 1 year ago
The plot and story line were well written and very interesting... that being said, I did not enjoy the artwork in this book at all. The way it's drawn makes all of the male characters look almost exactly the same, making it difficult to keep the characters straight. Also, the panels are very dark and shadowy, which I understand adds to the dystopian quality of the story, but I personally did not like it that much. Also, some of the lettering is unclear and hard to read, but besides these minor stylistic annoyances, it was a good book, and an interesting read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you've seen the film, you know V as the guy in the mask kissed by Natalie Portman. If you read the graphic novel, you'll realize V for Vendetta tells so much more than the shallow, sterilized movie version could ever show. I was a fan of the graphic novel long before the movie came out, and V for Vendetta is simply a phenomenal read. This is much more than the simplistic 'fight for freedom' rehashed in literature and 'unforunately' employed in the film. V is not only a terrorist, but a manipulative genius who orchestrates torture, brainwashing, and vengeful assassination down to the last detail. An ideological clash between anarchism and fascism leaves little room for the comfortable, moderate liberal democracies we know and love. It isn't as complex or mature as Watchmen, but few things are. Still, if you're prepared to think long and hard, V for Vendetta is a wonderful piece of literature.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A seminal and powerful work delivered in rarest of forms, V for Vendetta is the equivalent to French Filmaking bringing sequential storytelling reading audiences what they always wanted and deserve... a dose of reality and magical realism. This virtuous dystopian tale is filled with inner and metaphysical wisdom and subliminal warnings... read and re-read again and again and its philosophy will root inself organically into the fabric of your soul.
Mr._unkown More than 1 year ago
This Book is one of the best in my oppinion. I love Alan Moore's style of writing ever seince i read Watchman and sence then i have tried to find books that match the greatness of watchmen but i just cant. Obviously Watchmen is probable the best graphic Novel writen but i would put V for Vendetta in my top 10. This book is absolutly nothing like the movie. I saw the movie first but i liked the book a lot better. The graphinc novel really showed the humorus side to V where i thought it got masked a bit in the movie. Plus what really ticked me off was some of the chacters age differnces. Without giving name one popped out in the first few pages of the book that really caught me off gaurd. Over-all i loved this book and i thought that Alan Moore has a good track record with me so far and i will always remember the famouse quote from this book. "Remember, Remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot, i know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot." -V I will go on to read some other graphic novels by Alan Moore like LOEG and from Hell as well as some frank miller titles like Sin City (which is my next series im reading) and even the Sandman and Y the Last Man books. But as i go on to read these i will still look back at watchmen and V for Vendetta as some of the best.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This the book based on the movie. Most definitely not a graphic novel
Buer_Douglas More than 1 year ago
The art in this graphic novel is not my favorite, but the story is solid, and, being typical Alan Moore, a little dark and very political. Definitely the kind of story that keeps the reader invested and asking questions both about the plot and the real world through the entire read.
The_Divine_Comedian More than 1 year ago
A well written graphic novel and what turned me into an anarchist. The characters are all well thought out as well as the plot itself, V for Vendetta is one of the most well written comics, no, one of the most well written books in history. but if your not into the whole no government thing then this book may get you angry. But I dont think anyone has found this unenjoyable.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story is amazing. Every character is so lifelike and believable. Every detail is perfect, and you will find yourself amazed by the action, suspense, and twists of this story. The movie, which attempts to stay true to the book is very well done too, however I would recommend the book above it any day. I am a fan of "Watchmen" and other Alan Moore stories, but to me, and others I'm sure, this is his true masterpiece.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alan Moore is by far one of the best writers around. Though he works with different artists, his books are brilliant! V for Vendetta is one of Moore's best. It's worth it. Buy it. Trust me, it's a fantastic read, plus the art is beautiful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But I was worng! As soon as I bought this book, I couldn't put it down! V is one of the most compelling characters I've ever met, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a taste for anything a little bit dark and unsettling. This was my first graphic novel, and I was definitely impressed! AWESOME BOOK. READ IT NOW. PLEASE.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'V for Vendetta' is one of the best pieces of work I've read in a long time. I strongly feel that everyone should have it in their personal library! This book / movie exposes the massive deception that is regularly carried out on a daily basis by our mis-Leaders. When a tiny group of elites own the media (like in the US), it's becomes relatively easy to manipulate an entire population. Besides the action and great plot, this is one of the many things that I enjoyed about this movie and book. Eventhough it's classified as fiction, one can plainly see the parrallel to what has happened to our freedom in the past 5 years. The message is clear, 'People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people!' - Dr. Matthew J. Loop (Author of 'Cracking the Cancer Code')
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is beautifull. twistid but beautifull really really beautifull I love this book it totally changed my life their is nothing anyone can say to make me take back my opintion on this book it changed the way I look at life it will change you to the movies ok but it just cant make up for the book it is so wonderfull words cant describe I am in love with the story and the people in it a story of love lotsoals and redemption pleas read it make the world a better place
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not quite Watchmen but what is. Simply a good read for comic fans. Illustrations could have been better, many characters look awkwardly similar. But all in all, V's a good read, and don't let the movie fool you, the comic is actually entertaining, hollywood has never done Moore justice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok for those who are truly wanting a helpful review of the book know this: this book is a great book. It is almost exactly like the movie, which is awesome, and there are even some lines that are word for word . The book just goes into more detail amd I honestly like that. After watching the movie I was a but confused but when reading the book I followed along more easily. This is a great book and was worth my money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
life changing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love V for Vendetta and this helps so much.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My favorite of all time, nothing compares.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seeing this movie made me want to get the book. I read very little. Just finished The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This is the first book I have bought online and I cannot wait to read it. I will be following up with an actual review very soon!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just finished this book. It couldn't have been better. It was everything it was a completely original story line and it was just great. I highly recommended it. From Nicholas
MJTrav More than 1 year ago
V for Vendetta is about a modern day England with some serious problems. The people are held down on a silver chain (figuratively) and are always monitored. A Vigilante (Named only V) employs his biggest plot against the government, but he will need the help of an unlikely friend.