Valley of the Vapours: Arkansas (Americana Series)

Valley of the Vapours: Arkansas (Americana Series)

by Janet Dailey


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Every novel in this collection is your passport to a romantic tour of the United States through time-honored favorites by America’s First Lady of romance fiction. Each of the fifty novels is set in a different state, researched by Janet and her husband, Bill. For the Daileys it was an odyssey of discovery. For you, it’s the journey of a lifetime. Your tour of desire begins with this story set in Arkansas.

Her Fate was sealed with one kiss…One kiss, one innocent embrace was all it took for Tisha’s father to jump to all the wrong conclusions and demand that Roarke Madison do the right thing by his daughter. Tisha knew she would not be able to move her father from his adamant stand, but surely Roarke would put a stop to this ridiculous talk of marriage. But Roarke was no help at all. First he accused Tisha of engineering the whole thing to trap him. Then he presented her with the most beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781497639836
Publisher: Open Road Media Romance
Publication date: 07/01/2014
Series: Americana Series , #4
Pages: 124
Sales rank: 805,442
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Janet Dailey, who passed away in 2013, was born Janet Haradon in 1944 in Storm Lake, Iowa. She attended secretarial school in Omaha, Nebraska, before meeting her husband, Bill. The two worked together in construction and land development until they “retired” to travel throughout the United States, inspiring Janet to write the Americana series of romances, setting a novel in every state of the Union. In 1974, Janet Dailey was the first American author to write for Harlequin. Her first novel was No Quarter Asked . She has gone on to write approximately ninety novels, twenty-one of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. She won many awards and accolades for her work, appearing widely on radio and television. Today, there are over three hundred million Janet Dailey books in print in nineteen different languages, making her one of the most popular novelists in the world. For more information about Janet Dailey, visit

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"WHAT do you mean you gave Kevin Jamieson permission to marry me?" Tisha Caldwell demanded angrily. Long hair flew about her shoulders at the sudden pivot that brought her glaring eyes to bear on her father.

"I gave him permission to ask you to marry him." His reply was drawn through tightly clenched teeth.

"With your full support and blessing!" she finished, not attempting to disguise the caustic sarcasm rising so bitterly in her throat.

They stared at one another, two forceful personalities, each trying to make the other give in first. Richard Caldwell was a tall, handsome man with a muscular physique that hadn't varied one inch since his college days. The years had only added character to his already handsome face and some dignified feathers of grey to his dark hair.

Tisha Caldwell did not have the striking looks of her father. In repose, her oval face was only ordinarily attractive. But when animated by laughter or anger, as now, she was compellingly beautiful. Her inheritance of her father's volatile personality and stubborn independence made the flashes of beauty occur frequently. And most of the time, it was her father who ignited the sparks.

"Yes, Kevin received my support and my blessing," Richard Caldwell retorted sharply, his temper rising in conjunction with what he labeled his daughter's insolence. "He's a respectable and respectful young man, which is more than I can say for those other "things" you go out with!"

"He certainly isn't like any of the other boys I date!" Tisha agreed fervently. "I get the feeling when he kisses me goodnight, he runs home to take a shower in case he's got dirty."

"I assureyou he is a normal healthy male who merely has his emotions under control." His index finger was pointed in an angry gesture towards her. "At least you don't come in from a date looking as if you've been pawed by some over-sexed beast when you are out with Kevin."

Her hands doubled up into fists. "You make me so angry I could scream," was her muttered answer. "Only a couple of the boys I've gone out with have ever stepped out of line. None of my dates have ever made a practice of pawing me, as you put it."

"You're darn right they don't." he snapped, his brown eyes snapping with anger as he stared into the stormy sea green ones of his daughter. "Because before they ever leave this house with you, they know they're going to have to face me if they so much as lay a finger on you!"

"I'll be twenty years old next month, Father," Tisha sighed in exasperation. "Will you stop treating me like a child? I'm old enough to decide if I'm going to marry and whom I'm going to marry without any advice from you. I'm capable of deciding whom I will date and defending myself if necessary!"

"No woman can defend herself against the superior strength of a man," he scoffed with an authoritative ring of personal knowledge in his voice. "It's up to her father and subsequently her husband to protect her."

"Oh, heavens, that sounds like something from the Dark Ages! That chauvinistic attitude went out with the Ark," she grumbled.

"It's time it made a nostalgic comeback," Richard Caldwell muttered. He was about to expound further when the doorbell rang.

Tisha darted a baleful glance at him. "I suppose you told Kevin to come round this afternoon," she accused. "All I can say is I certainly hope he didn't waste his money buying me a ring, although it would give me great satisfaction to throw it in his face."

"You keep a civil tongue in your head, girl!" A finger again waved angrily in the direction of her back as Tisha stomped around the room divider to the mock foyer of the front door.

With an impatient hand she swept her dark auburn, nearly waist-length hair behind her back as she flung the door open, ready to lash out with her tongue at the man she expected to see on the stoop. The woman standing there arched an inquisitive glance when Tisha's mouth snapped shut in a grim line. A bemused smile tilted the corners of the woman's mouth.

"I have the feeling I should come back another time." Brown eyes glittered with laughter.

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