War, Hunger, and Displacement: The Origins of Humanitarian Emergencies Volume 2: Case Studies

War, Hunger, and Displacement: The Origins of Humanitarian Emergencies Volume 2: Case Studies


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Since the end of the cold war, the number of civil wars in developing countries has escalated to the point where they are the most significant source of human suffering in the world today. Although there are many political analyses of these emergencies, this two-volume work is the first comprehensive study of the economic, social, and political roots of humanitarian emergencies, identifying early measures to prevent such disasters.

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ISBN-13: 9780198297406
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 12/21/2000
Series: WIDER Studies in Development Economics , #2
Pages: 520
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Volume 1. The Origins of Humanitarian Emergencies: War and Displacement in Developing Countries
1. The Root Causes of Humanitarian Emergencies, Frances Stewart
2. Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Concepts and Issues, Raimo V yrynen
3. The Economic Causes of Humanitarian Emergencies, E. Wayne Nafziger and Juha Auvinen
4. The Conflict Over Natural and Environmental Resources, James Fairhead
5. Water Scarcity as a Source of Crises, Ashok Swain
6. Stabilization Programmes, Social Costs, Violence, and Humanitarian Emergencies, Christian Morrisson
7. Political Causes of Humanitarian Emergencies, Kalevi J. Holsti
8. War, Crime, and Access to Resources, David Keen
9. Ethnicity and the Politics of Conflict: The Case of Matabeleland, Jocelyn Alexander, JoAnn McGregor, and Terence Ranger
Volume 2. Weak States and Vulnerable Economies: Humanitarian Emergencies in Developing Countries
1. Case Studies of Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: An Introduction, E. Wayne Nafziger, Frances Stewart, and Raimo V yrynen
2. Afghanistan: The Last Cold War Conflict, the First Post-Cold War Conflict, Barnett R. Rubin
3. Cambodia: Genocide, Autocracy, and the Overpolitized State, Philippe Le Billon and Karen Bakker
4. Iraq: Economic Embargo and Predatory Rule, Abbas Alnasrawi
5. Burundi: The Long Sombre Shadow of Ethnic Instability, Patrick D. Gaffney
6. Rwanda: The Social Roots of Genocide, Peter Uvin
7. Somalia: The Struggle for Resources, Juha Auvinen and Timo Kivim ki
8. Liberia and Sierra Leone: The Competition for Patronage in Resource-Rich Economies, William Reno
9. Congo (Zaire): Corruption, Disintegration, and State Failure, Kisangani N. F. Emizet
10. Kenya: Economic Decline and Ethnic Politics, Jeni Klugman
11. Haiti: Towards the Abyss? Poverty, Dependence, and Resource Depletion, Mats Lundahl
12. El Salvador: Economic Disparities, External Intervention, and Civil Conflict, Manuel Pastor and James K. Boyce
13. The South Caucasus: The Breakdown of the Soviet Empire, Raimo V yrynen and Leila Alieva
14. Weak States and Humanitarian Emergencies: Failure, Predation, and Rent-Seeking, Raimo V yrynen

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