Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares

Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares


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So sings a band called Acid on a song called "Acid," which arrives about halfway through Numero's 2017 compilation Wayfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares. A cousin to the dark, heavy Darkscorch Canticles, Acid Nightmares isn't as foreboding as much as it's fried. Sure, there are plenty of fuzz guitars and plodding drummers among the 18 unknowns on this collection of post-hippie burnouts from the '70s, but the overall effect is much lighter. This is partly because these bands still value a swinging groove -- they may not be able to execute it, but they value it -- which helps give the music a bit of air, air that's filled with ragged harmonies and churning organs in addition to the omnipresent fuzz. Nearly every song here concerns drugs, so this can often play like a trip gone bad -- which is precisely what the title promises! Naturally, the promise of such heavy bummers is the appeal of Acid Nightmares, and thankfully, it delivers.

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Release Date: 09/22/2017
Label: Numero
UPC: 0825764106825
catalogNumber: 41068

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