by Kent Bicknell


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A Way Of Life That Leads To Prosperity

Here is a book that reaches beyond the shallow platitudes of most self-help authors, and reveals the simple but often overlooked truths about wealth, its attainment, and its enjoyment!
Most people never comprehend the meaning of wealth. Nor do they grasp the difference between the revolutionary power of wealth and the weaker, worldly concepts of riches, success, and prosperity. It is embarrassing to see the obvious errors that flow like industrial wastes in an abundant stream of misguided, materialistic, and distracting value concepts that our culture accepts as a substitute for true wealth.
As we live in a world that seems out of control, with conventional wisdom now considered passé, we need more than ever a dependable path to become and to achieve all that is possible for us.
Kent Bicknell's WEALTH: A Way Of Life That Leads To Prosperity equips ordinary people with a refreshing contrast to failed worldviews on wealth. As a financial executive and life coach in Dallas, Kent combines a layman's scriptural perspective with the experiences of more than three decades of working with highly successful and deeply fulfilled clients who have learned to apply true wealth toward maximizing personal prosperity. Kent outlines the possibilities and provides a proven process to assure alignment of people's lives with their true wealth for maximum fulfillment. He gleans empowering knowledge from the psalmists of millennia past to establish a biblical pattern for wealth management and to direct life planning, financial planning, and investment management. The presentation is straightforward and practical, yet spiritually focused, providing a comprehensive view and practical approach for making the most of a person's enormous capacity for wealth.

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ISBN-13: 9781602665736
Publisher: Salem Publishing Solutions
Publication date: 05/15/2007
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 0.67(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

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