Wells for Zoë -- Water for Life

Wells for Zoë -- Water for Life


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Musically speaking, this type of project is fraught with danger. Whenever an album is put together in the service of a cause -- especially one as urgently important as a well-creation program in Malawi -- two things are almost inevitable: first, musical quality will take a back seat to the emotional appeal (because after all, what's musical quality when compared to a life-and-death struggle for water?), and second, at least half of the contributing artists will somehow end up singing mawkishly about themselves and their own global sensitivity (remember "We Are the World"?). Wells for Zoë -- Water for Life manages to avoid both pitfalls by a couple of ingenious stratagems. The first is by being mostly a compilation of previously released material bound together by themes related to water and wells: thus, flutist Michael McGoldrick contributes a recording of his original composition "Watermans," Crooked Still contributes a song called "Wading Deep Waters," and Eamonn Coyne and Kris Drever bring the "Lakeside Barndances" set from their Honk Toot Suite album. The new recordings featured here avoid bathos by employing sly humor: Maura O'Connell and the Duhks team up on a roof-raising version of "Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves," and the Sinéad O'Connor/Liam Ó Maonlaí collaboration "Baby, Let Me Buy You a Drink" (though much less energetic) is also cute -- though it must be said that O'Connor's voice has seen better days. Heidi Talbot's rendition of the gorgeous Boo Hewerdine song "Muddy Water" is perhaps the album's high point, though the Alison Brown Quartet's joyously swinging "Wonderful Sea Voyage (Of Holy St. Brendan)" is a gem as well. Overall, this ends up being an album that is worthy on its own merits as well as being a worthy contribution to an important cause.

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Release Date: 01/13/2009
Label: Compass Records
UPC: 0766397449326
catalogNumber: 4493
Rank: 174148

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alison Brown   Banjo
Beth Nielsen Chapman   Piano,Vocals
Todd Phillips   Double Bass
David Angell   Violin
John Burr   Piano
Steve Cooney   Bass,Guitar,Hammond Organ,Kalimba,Hammond B3
David Davidson   Violin
John Doyle   Guitar
Stuart Duncan   Fiddle
Connie Ellisor   Violin
Jim Grosjean   Viola
Alan Kelly   Accordion
Anthony LaMarchina   Cello
Manus Lunny   Bouzouki,Guitar
James MacKintosh   Percussion,Drums
Kenny Malone   Percussion
Tim O'Brien   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Maura O'Connell   Vocals
Sinéad O'Connor   Vocals
Liam Ó Maonlaí   Background Vocals
Dirk Powell   Piano
Donald Shaw   Keyboards
Pamela Sixfin   Violin
Gary VanOsdale   Viola
Mary Kathryn Van Osdale   Violin
Ewen Vernal   Electric Bass,Double Bass
Neil Yates   Trumpet
Garry West   Bass
Michael McGoldrick   Wood Flute,uillean pipes,Low Whistle,Bamboo Flute
Tommy Moran   Bass
Tania Elizabeth   Fiddle,Strings,Vocal Harmony
Johnny Kalsi   Tabla
Phil Alexander   Piano
Lino Rocha   Vocals
Carole Rabinowitz-Neuen   Cello
Fraser Fifield   Pipe,Saxophone,Human Whistle
Kenny Fraser   Violin,Tres
Karine Polwart   Guitar,Vocals
Erick Jaskowiak   Percussion
Steve Kettley   Flute,Saxophone
Ed Boyd   Guitar
John Joe Kelly   Bodhran
Eamonn Coyne   Banjo,Tenor Banjo,Guitar (Tenor)
Howard McGill   Saxophone
Dezi Donnelly   Fiddle
Casey Driessen   Fiddle
Tommy Beavitt   Coro
Aoife O'Donovan   Guitar,Piano,Vocals,Baritone Ukulele
Heidi Talbot   Vocals
Dougie "El Pulpo" Hudson   Conga
Ryan Quigley   Trumpet,Coro
Emeris Solis   Conga
Chris Stout   Violin
Sarah Dugas   Vocals
John Somerville   Accordion
Jordan McConnell   Acoustic Guitar
Leonard Podolak   Banjo
Kris Drever   Guitar,Double Bass
Brittany Haas   Fiddle
Christian Dugas   Drums
Corey DiMario   Double Bass,Guitar (Tenor)
John & James Kelly   Bodhran
Odhran O Casaide   Violin
Manitoba McGillicuddy   Vocals
Phil Alexander   Piano
Toby "El Leon" Shippey   Trumpet
Tristan Clarridge   Fiddle,Cello
Guy Niccolson   Timbales
Gary Vansodale   Viola
Erik Laughton   Snare Drums,Bodhran
Emeris Solis   Conga
Dougie El Pulpo Hudson   Conga
David "Chimp" Robertson   Bongos
Gregory Liszt   Banjo
Chris Greive   Trombone

Technical Credits

Dougie MacLean   Producer
Beth Nielsen Chapman   Producer
Paul Brady   Composer
Peter Collins   Producer
Annie Lennox   Composer
Glenn Barratt   Engineer
Steve Cooney   Producer
John Doyle   Producer
Boo Hewerdine   Composer
David Leonard   Engineer
Tim O'Brien   Producer
Donald Shaw   Programming
Dave Stewart   Composer
Kristin Wilkinson   String Conductor
John Dunford   Engineer
Garry West   Producer
Michael McGoldrick   Whistle
Ciaran Byrne   Engineer
Stuart Hamilton   Vocal Engineer,Guitar Engineer
Doyle   Composer
Fraser Fifield   Whistle
Grant Milne   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Karine Polwart   Producer
Erick Jaskowiak   Engineer
Eamonn Coyne   Producer
Steven Heller   Engineer
Crooked Still   Composer
Dave Schonauer   Engineer
Jamie MacLean   Engineer
Kris Drever   Producer
Eric Merrill   Producer
Maclean   Composer
McGoldrick   Composer
Polwart   Composer
Shippey   Composer
Waters Moran   Composer
Hewerdine   Composer
Drever   Composer
Coyne   Composer
Brown West   Composer
Maclean   Composer
Chapman   Composer

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