What People Wore: 1,800 Illustrations from Ancient Times to the Early Twentieth Century

What People Wore: 1,800 Illustrations from Ancient Times to the Early Twentieth Century

by Douglas Gorsline

Paperback(Dover ed)

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"The book is an invaluable guide to all things fashion." — Collectors' Corner
Spanning nearly 5,000 years of clothing styles, this splendid sourcebook presents a fascinating panorama of wearing apparel, beginning with the ancient Egyptians and continuing through the early decades of the twentieth century.
Over 1,800 drawings — meticulously researched and accurately rendered by the author — depict garments ranging from diaphanous gowns of Egyptian royalty, ornate robes of Byzantine dignitaries, and elegant dresses worn by eighteenth-century Parisians, to picturesque outfits of American frontiersmen and the revolutionary 1930s wardrobe of the American flapper.
Here also are informal portraits of Byzantine commoners and religious figures, Elizabethans in lace collars and ruffs, upper-class Venetians, English dandies, and French gentlemen of the mid-eighteenth century as well as detailed illustrations of nineteenth-century New York farmers, western fur trappers, cowboys, mountain men, and lumberjacks, Klondike prospectors, Mississippi rivermen, and many more. A brief historical survey precedes the chronologically grouped illustrations of each period, and an overall list supplies the source for each drawing. A comprehensive reference for artists, designers, and social historians, this invaluable treasury will also intrigue anyone interested in the evolution of wearing apparel.

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ISBN-13: 9780486281629
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 08/22/1994
Series: Dover Fashion and Costumes
Edition description: Dover ed
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,249,848
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 12.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

"Eastern American Family, Early 1850s"
Greek Charioteer
Egypt and the Near East
"Assyrian, Persian, Hebraic, and Cretan"
Greece and Rome
"Donor of "The Holy Lamb," after Van Eyck"
The Medieval Period
Historical Survey: Ninth Century through Thirteen Century
Ninth to Eleventh Centuries
History Survey: 1300-1485
Fourteenth Century
Fifteenth Century
Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
"Henry VIII, after Holbein"
The Tudor Period (1485-1603)
Historical Survey: Early Tudor Period (1485-1558)
"Early Tudor, c. 1500"
"Early Tudor, c. 1505"
"Early Tudor, c. 1525"
"Middle Tudor, c. 1545"
"Historical Survey, Late Tudor Period (1558-1603)"
"Late Tudor, c. 1565"
"Late Tudor, c. 1585"
"Fashionable Lady, after Wenzel Hollar"
The Seventeenth Century
Historical Survey: Early Seventeenth Century (1600-1645)
"Early Seventeenth Century, c. 1605"
"Early Seventeenth Century, c. 1615"
"Early Seventeenth Century, c. 1625"
"Early Seventeenth Century, c. 1635"
"Early Seventeenth Century, c. 1635 (after Van Dyck)"
"Early Seventeenth Century, c. 1635"
Historical Survey: Middle Seventeenth Century (1645-1665)
"Middle Seventeenth Century, c. 1645 (after W. Hollar)"
"Middle Seventeenth Century, c. 1645"
"Middle Seventeenth Century, c. 1655"
Historical Survey: Late Seventeenth Century (1665-1700)
"Late Seventeenth Century, c. 1665"
"Late Seventeenth Century, c. 1675"
"Late Seventeenth Century, c. 1685"
"Late Seventeenth Century, c. 1695"
"Gay Parisians, after Debucourt"
The Eighteenth Century
Historical Survey: Early Eighteenth Century (1700-1745)
"Early Eighteenth Century, c. 1705"
"Early Eighteenth Century, c. 1725"
"Early Eighteenth Century, c. 1735"
Historical Survey: Late Middle Eighteenth Century (1765-1800)
"Late Eighteenth Century, c. 1765"
"Late Eighteenth Century, c. 1775"
"Late Eighteenth Century, c. 1785"
"Late Eighteenth Century, c. 1795"
"Late Eighteenth Century, c. 1795 (after Debucourt)"
"Late Eighteenth Century, c. 1795 (after Goya)"
"Frenchman of the Second Empire, after Disderi"
The Nineteenth Century
Historical Survey: Early Nineteenth Century (1800-1845)
"Early Nineteenth Century, c. 1805"
"Early Nineteenth Century, c. 1805-1815"
"Early Nineteenth Century, c. 1815"
"Early Nineteenth Century, c. 1825"
"Early Nineteenth Century, c. 1835"
Historical Survey: Middle Nineteenth Century (1845-1865)
"Middle Nineteenth Century, c. 1845"
"Middle Nineteenth Century, c. 1855"
Historical Survey: Late Nineteenth Century (1865-1895)
"Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1865"
"Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1865 (after photographs by Lewis Carroll)"
"Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1865"
"Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1875"
"Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1885"
Edwardian Englishman
The Turn of the Century
Historical Survey: The Turn of the Century (1895-1914)
"Fin de Siècle, c. 1895"
"Fin de Siècle, c. 1895 (after Toulouse-Lautrec)"
"Fin de Siècle, c. 1895"
"Early Twentieth Century, c. 1905"
"Early Twentieth Century, c. 1914"
"Early Twentieth Century, c. 1918"
"Farmers, Cooperstown, New York"
Eastern America: 1840-1880
Historical Survey: 1787-1880
"Eastern America, c. 1845"
"Eastern America, c. 1855"
Abraham Lincoln
"Eastern America, c. 1860"
"Eastern America, c. 1865"
"Eastern America, c. 1875"
Eastern America: 1880-1900
Historical Survey: The Eighties and Nineties
"Eastern America, c. 1885"
Eastern America (after Eakins)
"Eastern America, c. 1895 (after Byron)"
"Eastern America, c. 1895"
Fur Trapper
The American Frontier: Across the Plains
"Trappers and Mountain Men, c. 1835"
"Frontiersmen, 1845-1855"
"Frontiersmen, c. 1860"
"Frontiersmen, c. 1865"
"Lumberjacks, 1865-1890"
"Frontiersmen, c. 1870"
Plains Characters
Historical Survey: The Plains and the Cowboy
"Plains Characters, c. 1875"
"Plains Characters, c. 1880"
"Sod-House Pioneers, c. 1885"
"Mississippi Rivermen, c. 1885"
"Social Unrest, c. 1894"
"The Hatfield Clan, c. 1895"
"Plains Characters, c. 1895"
"The Klondike, c. 1897"
The Cowboy
"Cowboys, c. 1875"
"Cowboys, c. 1880"
"Cowboys, c. 1890"
"Cowboys, 1900-1940"
Cowboy Equipment
Teddy Roosevelt
The First Quarter of the Twentieth Century
Historical Survey: 1900-1925
"Urban Fashions, c. 1905"
"Urban Fashions, c. 1910"
"Urban Fashions, c. 1918"
"Urban Fashions, c. 1920"
"Urban Fashions, c. 1925"
"Bibliography: "Costume of the Ancient World" and "European Costume"
"Bibliography: "American Costume"
"Sources for "Costume of the Ancient World" and "European Costume"
"Sources for "American Costume"

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