What To Do With My Life...? Finding Your Purpose in Life

What To Do With My Life...? Finding Your Purpose in Life

by G.T. Bankson

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What to Do With My Life? Finding Your Purpose in Life -The Keys to Personal Mastery and Career Success.

If you have been realizing, "I don't know what to do with my life", and wondering "what is my purpose in life?", it's a definite inner signal for you that it's time to explore your life's purpose and reason for being here - now.

The key to living a full life of happiness and abundance in all areas and dynamics of your life is to find your passion and purpose in life and then discover how to pursue it in a way that will bring you fullfillment and inner peace. You'll be amazed how everything will fall into place.

No matter who you talk to, you will find that every person has a different definition of success. The basics are the same almost everywhere, but each person puts their own unique twist on what they think makes them successful. This isn't really surprising, because as humans we are so vastly different in our thoughts and how we view the world. You have to decide what your own definition of success is before you can achieve it. Believe it or not, that is not as hard as you may think.

Some will tell you that their definition of success is happiness. The problem with that is that happiness also varies from person to person. What really makes you happy is solely up to you. Some people find that they want vast amounts of money before they consider themselves happy, while others think happiness is a little simpler than that. There is really no right or wrong answer, because happiness is personal, and so is someone's definition of success.

Success might be something you seek in your career, or it may be something you seek in your personal life. For me, my definition of success lies somewhere in the middle. I believe that success is about more than amount of money in my account. I think having financial security is a part of success, but I don't think you can base your whole life on that one thing alone. There are other kinds of riches out there, and this comes in the form of your friends and family. Love and support are certainly part of the equation for me and many others.

You have to know what your definition of success is before you can achieve it. If you want to be successful, but you don't know what that is for sure, you are going to have a hard time getting there. If you know what you want, and what you think will make you feel happy and peaceful inside, then you have found your definition of success and you are going to have a much easier time trying to get there.

If you have defined goals, the path is that much easier to follow. Your definition of success will be as unique as you are. Some may decide they don't like your idea of what happiness and success might be, but you can't let that bother you. We have one life, and we should live it they way we choose.

A life without purpose is a life of emptiness and without a personal road map to personal success, you will never find the inner peace that every human being yearns for, but which illudes far too many of us. So many people go through life without every discovering their true purpose for being here. Don't let yourself become one of them.

This book is your road map to personal mastery, true happiness and success in all areas of your life.

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About the Author

Gail Bankson is a freelance writer who comes from a family of journalists. She left a career as a researcher and newsletter editor and contributing writer in the corporate world to pursue her passion of writing full-time.

Gail has been involved in self-improvement and personal growth for many years, including being a spiritual advisor to others, and is using this platform to help others who are trying to find purpose, passion and inner peace in their own lives.

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