White Boy A Rock and Roll Story: A Rock And Roll Story

White Boy A Rock and Roll Story: A Rock And Roll Story

by Glaser Stephen, Grachuk Andy

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My wife Lyne suggested a short explanation as to the motives behind writing this; let’s call it a time capsule. The first reason is that this is a slice of the story that is Stephen Glaser, to be shared by our four children, ten beautiful grandchildren, friends, and anyone who is curious about the start of Rock and Roll. Just so they know more about
their friend, Father, Grandpa, or curious reader. This is my last chance to say to the world, “here I am, this is my story” or to be just “Dust in the Wind”, to coin a phrase.

The second is to share this story with anyone who might be interested in the way it really was, from the perspective of a teenager who happened to be blessed to take part in this thing we call Rock and Roll. This is what really happened to me and, to some extent, to all those unsung heroes who almost made it to the top. For every performer who made it to the top, there are thousands of performers like me and The Cavaliers who could have succeeded…but for a simple twist of fate, or luck, or life getting in the way…we did not triumph. The ultimate aim of this book is to give you a bird’s-eye view of the world of Scott Stevens and the Cavaliers, as events unfolded. I leave the history of that time and the historical and social setting where the events took place, to the historians who are better suited to write about the bigotry, social injustice and the exploitation of the artists and song writers of that period.

This is my personal story, about Rock and Roll of the 50’s and 60’s and beyond.

PS: Thank you, Lyne, for being “Right as Rain” as always!!

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