Why do I have to be a duck?

Why do I have to be a duck?


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The duck is not the quickest walker, the speediest swimmer or even the fastest flier. However, what makes ducks so exceptional is that they can travel in all three ways. The cheetah may run quickly, but it will never fly. Likewise, the eagle may fly with tremendous velocity, but it will never swim. What about the dolphin? A truly great swimmer...but it will never walk a single step.Is the glory of the cheetah diminished because he cannot fly? What about the eagle and the dolphin? Are they to feel minimized and shamed? Of course not. Each is magnificent in its own right, by virtue of its own characteristics, attributes and abilities. Being the greatest at one thing does not equate with greatness in and of itself. Likewise, not being the greatest does not automatically make one the poorest.Each of us has our own talents, and some of those talents are stronger than others. Typically, the more strengths we possess, the less 'amazing' they are. For example, though people who enjoy multiple activities may do well in each of them, they are unlikely to excel in all of them. The one who practices running every day in an effort to be the best is not able to invest enough time to be the best at the remaining sports or arts as well. In other words, the duck, who by nature has multiple abilities is not nature's most impressive at any of those...however, he can still do things which I cannot. Should I be jealous of the duck? Should I resent him? Should I despise him because I cannot do all the things he can do? Or, can I be impressed and inspired, and watch with amazement as he uses his abilities?If the duck were to view things as we often do, he would surely despise himself, because he is not first in swimming, flying or even walking. Rather than regretting that we do not have the talents and abilities that others have, let us make an honest effort to discover our own, and develop them, becoming the best 'duck' that we can be. There are a few questions at the end of the book to jump-start your journey!

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