by Steven Paul-Germane


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"Knowledge is understanding and accepting things that make us feel uncomfortable, with an open mind for change, tolerance and acceptance. Once you learn how to appreciate all things, people and their differences, then you can learn to truly love yourself and see the world in the light that it should be seen. We are all equal regardless of who we are, who we love, what our colors are, our languages, our religious beliefs. God created us in His image and if He created us this way, then He is perfect in His own right and He is superior to all and He has the final say of all things. Embrace our differences and encourage tolerance and love so that this world can be a better place for everyone living in it."

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ISBN-13: 9781504972802
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/26/2016
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

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By Steven Paul-Germane'


Copyright © 2016 Steven Paul-Germane'
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-7280-2


Chance Meeting

"DINNER," I LAUGHED AS MY best friend Letha spoke to me over the phone. I was at work. My secretary put the call through instead of putting it on hold like I had asked her too because I was in the middle of a teleconference with another project manager that I had recently met while on business in New York City and who had taken a liking to me. "What time and where?" I questioned her. "Ok, great," I let out. "Tell Gregg, I said hello," I remarked hanging up the phone. "Lydia," I yelled. "No more calls," I pressured her to get the message. "No more calls, did you hear me," I screamed.

"Yes, Mr. Stevens," my secretary Lydia, yelled back.

I returned back to my teleconference with him. He was still on a layover in Chicago on his way to meet up with me.

"Sorry about that Oliver," I informed. "Where were we?" I asked.

Oliver was Brazilian and had a strong accent and was in the states heading up his own architecture firm in NYC. He was a tall thin dark haired guy in his early forties, with dark brown hair, but with a touch of gray at the temples only and when we met, we clicked right away. He was very attractive and his dark skin was rather sexy and although he wasn't a Greek god as far as his body was concerned, he was a man and that said more to me than the chiseled six pack abs. We had shared a room together while on business because the hotel we stayed at was filled. And sticking with his Brazilian heritage, he wasn't afraid to express his sexuality, although I was scared to expose my true self to him. Oliver had no problems letting me know that he was attracted to me in fact, he wasted no time fucking the shit out of me in the hotel room that night after we had a few glasses of wine.

The others on the conference had hung up. The call had lasted longer than normal, concerning the new steel that was being used to create the perfect curve in a new design of one of the buildings my firm was actually using and designing. I had beat out the highest bidder for the contract and knew that this design was going to be challenging as well as rewarding.

"Chance," Oliver let out. "I'm glad Bob and Matthew hung up," he confessed. "It gives me a chance to have you to myself for a few before I have to board my flight."

"What time will you make it in tonight?" I asked Oliver.

"I should be getting there in a few hours," Oliver replied. "Can I see you tonight when I get there?" He checked.

"Yeah," I let out smiling and leaning back in my desk chair reveling from the thought of seeing him again. My ass twitched from the thought of having him inside me again.

It had been a couple of weeks since the meeting and honestly, since I met Oliver, I hadn't been up to my usual prowling for some hot young stud to fuck me. Besides, most of the young guys that I ended up meeting had one thing on their minds and it wasn't me, it was what they thought they could get out of me and that was my money and a good piece of ass. They wanted a sugar daddy but honestly, I was too young to be considered a sugar daddy. But when they found out my name, they would put two and two together and know that I had one of the biggest architecture firms in the Los Angeles area because of the buildings that had my name on them. I always seemed to end up with the losers and users instead of the ones who wanted more. So I stopped looking and then Oliver happened.

"So," Oliver begged. "I've got something for you when I get there," he added.

"Oh yeah," I teased. "Do I know what it is?" I questioned.

"Yeah," he played along. "You've had tons of it and it is cocked and loaded." Oliver hinted.

"Cocked and loaded...." I responded.

"And full of cream in the middle," he continued to play with me. I knew what was on Oliver's mind. "I can't stop thinking about you," he admitted. "The way you taste, your smell...."

"Mmmm," I moaned out ecstatic. "I can't wait to taste you again," I said. I enjoyed this game. "You know you're making me hot," I let out. "Oh ... Oh ... by the way," I started. "I'm going out tonight with Letha and Gregg," I informed. "We're going to this little bistro on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine for dinner," I explained. "So if you get here before I get back to my place, call me and let me know and you can come meet us. I've told Letha and Gregg all about you and they are looking forward to meeting you once you get here," I confessed.

Letha was my best friend from college. I swear to god we met in another life, because she was the sister I never had and if I wouldn't have been more gay than straight, we probably would have ended up in a relationship. She was a fair brown complexion with short cropped layered hair, dark eyes and beautiful dimples with a nice athletic build and bubble ass that screamed; hey I'm a black woman with some ass, get over it.

And Gregg, he was blonde with hazel green eyes and I knew him from college too. The three of us just hung out as friends during the six years we went to school together and it became rather clear that he had a thing for Letha after she tried to date one of basketball players and he protested and acted stupid with her. He was pretty hot in his own way and although he went to the gym on a regular basis he was no gym rat either and didn't have that gym rat body. I could tell he must have been packing because Letha always talked about how his dick hurt her sometimes, because he felt so thick and hit so deep.

They were my best friends. I was the best man at their wedding, although I felt like the brides maid too, because of Letha confiding in me all the time about their plans and what they were doing. She promised I'd be the godfather of her kids, if she ever had kids.

"Great," Oliver let out. "I'm looking forward to meeting them and spending time with you too," he said. "Hey Chance," Oliver continued. "They are calling for us to board our plane. I will see you in a few hours," he let out.

"Ok," I responded. "Looking forward to seeing you," I replied. "Be safe," I let out.

"You too love," Oliver replied. "See you in a few hours."

When I hung up the phone, Lydia came into the office all smiles, as if she had been eavesdropping on my conversation. Telling her, she probably was, for real. And since she was always trying to set me up with women and men, after she inadvertedly caught me kissing a young man once, I had to come clean with her. Then she was always trying to play, mother hen. She had a good feeling about Oliver she said and since he was tall dark and handsome and from Brazil, she loved his name, Oh live e a instead of Oliver. She was a mess, but nonetheless she was probably the best asset that I had ever invested in, when I hired her. She had been with me from day one, three years ago through my struggling period and after designing homes for a few celebrity friends of hers, I became an automatic name for most people to look up, when they wanted something special designed.

The one thing that I loved about Lydia right off was how she was this plump short white woman who dressed like she was an old lady when I first met her, to this butterfly now, who could walk into the room in a two piece suit with her stilettos on and shut the room down with her stunning beauty and her fiery contagious attitude. She hid behind glasses and a ponytail or a single braid going down the middle of the back of her head. She was definitely a shorter version of Sandra Bullock, but with a sister attitude. She had gorgeous brown eyes and small lips and knew that if I didn't come to work on time or go home at the same time every evening, then something was wrong. We had promised each other that by the time we were both forty, that if we didn't have soul mates then we'd marry each other just to have a son and a daughter.

Letha was on the phone again and Lydia was calling out to me to answer the phone because something had come up and she wanted to move our dinner date to tomorrow night instead of tonight because she and Gregg wanted me to spend some time with Oliver tonight and then the four of us could double date tomorrow night, not to mention that Gregg, who was a detective for the L.A.P.D., had a case he had been working on and a possible break in it. I was disappointed but understood and took the rain check without putting up a fight.

There had been a recent string of carjacking's in the Hollywood area and the carjackers were targeting Honda's instead of the usual Mercedes and other top of the line cars, however; no one had been hurt or killed by them yet. And although no one came forward identifying the culprits yet because it was always around early dusk that they struck, Letha's husband had been watching surveillance footage from the last carjacking and noticed how the thieves hid their faces from the camera's and how they all seem to wear caps all the time and with different sports teams on them, from the local universities as well as the states professional sports teams.

I told Letha she didn't have to explain anything to me concerning Gregg because I knew it was his job to serve and protect and although I made jokes about him serving and protecting all the time, she wished that he would have given the job up a long time ago and worked with her as a lead investigator for the D.A she worked for. When we hung up the phone together, I told Lydia that I had an open evening and would just wait around my apartment for Oliver and maybe call out for Chinese.

When I left the office, I bumped into a cute ass white boy who not only apologized for bumping into me and knocking my briefcase, with my new plans, out of my hand and onto the ground, but he also helped me pick things up and put them back into it. I couldn't help but notice how black he sounded and acted, but also how attractive he was although he was a little too young for me, looking at least twenty-two or three. He was definitely out of my league and definitely out of his jurisdiction, because guys like him belonged, hanging out at the beach, instead of downtown bumping into business men, unless he was on the prowl for sugar daddies. Our eyes held each other's glares for a moment as our hands touched each other by accident.

"I'm sorry, sir," the young man said apologetically. "I should pay more attention to what I'm doing."

"No, no," I let out. "It's my fault. I should have been walking with my head up instead of texting," I said taking blame.

"I'm sorry again, Mr. ..." he paused.

"Stevens," I let out. "Chance Stevens ..."

"The Chance Stevens whose name is on all these buildings around here?" he laughed.

"Yeah," I bragged a little and smirked, somewhat too. I shook my head some. "It's not all that," I said being a little modest.

"Well," he let out. "It is to me," he echoed. "I'm Rick," he let out. "Rick Foster," he continued.

I looked at him and saw his killer ass smile and felt a stirring in my pants, but then snapped back to reality. I had a friend coming into town to see me and I was hoping to get to that lover status with him because he was definitely my type. Not some sugar daddy searching pretty boy who had one thing in mind, breaking my back in from digging deep into my ass and then clearing out the bank accounts. Rick extended his hand.

"What's this?" I questioned after seeing his hand.

"My apologies, sir," Rick let out. "And you can call me Rico," he spoke up.

"Nice meeting you Rico," I said. "I guess, I better let you get," I implied.

"Yeah," Rico returned. "I guess I need to be letting you go too," he repeated.

I walked away towards my car. I could feel him watching me and it sort of made me feel uncomfortable for a second, but then figured he was probably checking me out. I made sure I fought the urge to turn around to get another glimpse of him and go get into my car, which happened to be a pearl white Honda Accord EX sedan fully loaded. I couldn't help it and finally curiosity got the best of me and I turned around and saw him glimpsing at me too and we both smiled after making eye contact. I didn't think about my conversation with Letha or the fact that I was driving a Honda. I just wanted to get home.

It was getting late and although it wasn't dark yet, I wanted to get home, clean myself up and out, just in case Oliver and I explored some much needed release and work on my designs. All I had to do was see a blueprint and automatically know how to get around a building or street or anything else, as well as how to design one with dimensions and square footage, down to the last detail.

For some reason while I was in the shower, I thought about Rick and how strange it was that he was in my neck of the woods, when he definitely looked like he was from the other side of the tracks. My mind started wandering off into another world from thought of him roughing me up a little bit, carjacking me, and then fucking me even raping me, without actually taking my car.

The idea of Rico's big white club being pushed into my mouth, with him pulling it out and making me lick his pole over and over and over again and then taking it and prying my ass opened as he fucked me with his tongue and then his cock. I soaped my asshole up and stuck a couple fingers in it, stretching it open, thinking about Rico diving in and out of me. I could tell he was pretty decently hung from the bulge that was in his pants when he stood up, although he was sagging. Damn, I had to stop, because I was sure Oliver would be calling me at any time for me to come get him from LAX. However, it didn't stop me from jacking off from the thought of him being inside of me.

I had to hurry and finish my shower. I had to shave and trim my pubes and my balls and although I would have loved to have shaved my asshole, I needed help with that because I didn't want to cut my ass with the razor and then explain to Oliver why I was bleeding back there. Thank god for having good genes, because I never bumped or anything after I shaved and although I was a mixture of white and black, there was still that possibility. I always used that wintergreen rubbing alcohol after I shaved whether it was on my face or my dick and pubes and it always managed to give me that burn that I got a thrill out of. I think it was the only thing that really kept me from bumping.

I looked at myself in the mirror after showering and wiped the fogged up glass with my hand. "Damn I look good," I said out loud to myself. Hell, I wasn't bad for thirty-three years old; semi-muscular chest and arms, no six pack, nine pack or twelve pack abs, just flat with a thirty two inch waist, standing about six feet with a nice strong masculine face with a jawbone lined beard and goatee, without a mustache though. I had a one carat diamond earring in my left earlobe, no tattoos and an ugly ass scar on my pelvic area where I had surgery from an ingrown hair after shaving to closely that became infected and that could have killed me. But after the emergency surgery and the removal of tissue six inches into my pelvic area and seven inches into my groin area, I was thankful that there was no cancer related issues. I was a survivor and a fighter.

I had the towel wrapped around my waist when the door man called up to my apartment informing me that there was a guy name Oliver there to see me and if it was ok to let him come up. I was in the penthouse apartment, so there were some added liberties to living there, with the extra security. However, people still had access to the apartment complex that was fifteen stories that I had designed and knew the layout like the back of my hand. There were ways to get onto each floor and into each apartment without anyone ever knowing you were there. I told the doorman, who went by his last name Wilson to send the man up.

I wasn't ready for Oliver but I had no choice. He would be there shortly and I wasn't even dressed yet and my mind teetered with the thought of dressing or not. That was the million dollar question and I chose not to dress because Oliver was just going to take my clothes off as soon as he saw me. And when the penthouse door opened exposing Oliver to me and me to Oliver, my towel wasn't on. I was just standing there in my birthday suit with him smiling. After stepping out of the penthouse elevator door with his bags and then me locking it so no one else could come up or go down, he walked up to me and kissed me.

"I see someone is happy to see me," Oliver expressed.

"Yes," I released. "I just got out of the shower when Wilson called up and I figured that since you didn't give me a heads up, that I might as well just run with it and...." I paused. "Here I am."

"I like it," Oliver stated in his strong Brazilian accent. "No, I love it," he rephrased. "You are adapting to the ways of the Brazilian culture nicely," he concluded removing his clothes in front of me, exposing me to the small inflatable tube that was between his legs that grew bigger and bigger with each touch, each kiss and each indulging act of swallowing and gagging until it was fully erect at nine inches, uncut and thick. "Now," he teased. "How about a shower for me, with you?" he insisted, knowing that I was hot as fuck.


Excerpted from Witness by Steven Paul-Germane'. Copyright © 2016 Steven Paul-Germane'. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Chance Meeting, 1,
Chapter 2 Hidden Agenda, 10,
Chapter 3 Jacked, 20,
Chapter 4 Beautiful Stranger, 25,
Chapter 5 Deceiving Looks, 33,
Chapter 6 Trust Issues, 42,
Chapter 7 Options, 55,
Chapter 8 Risks, 63,
Chapter 9 Revelations, 74,
Chapter 10 Choices, 82,
Chapter 11 Tempting Fate, 92,
Chapter 12 Close Call, 100,
Chapter 13 In Plain Sight, 108,
Chapter 14 Unnecessary Risks, 116,
Chapter 15 Almost, 123,
Chapter 16 Denial, 133,
Chapter 17 Admissions of the Heart, 145,
Chapter 18 Affairs of the Heart, 155,
Chapter 19 Concessions, 168,
Chapter 20 Taken, 177,
Chapter 21 Out on a Limb, 186,
Chapter 22 Allies, 196,
Chapter 23 Escape, 208,
Chapter 24 Changes, 217,
Chapter 25 No Escape, 224,
Chapter 26 Mending, 234,
Chapter 27 Piecing Things Together, 241,
Chapter 28 Answers, 248,
Chapter 29 Revealing Secrets, 259,
Chapter 30 Leverage, 268,
Chapter 31 Warrants, 280,
Chapter 32 Turn of Events, 289,
Chapter 33 Rendezvous, 301,
Chapter 34 Sealed With A Kiss, 317,
Thank you's, 321,

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