World Class Speaking in Action: 50 Certified Coaches Show You How to Present, Persuade, and Profit

World Class Speaking in Action: 50 Certified Coaches Show You How to Present, Persuade, and Profit

by Craig Valentine, Mitch Meyerson


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Let 50 World Class Speaking Coaches Show You How to Keep Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats and Turn Your Presentations Into Profits.

The World Class Speaking In Action 6-Part System provides you with real life examples and case studies on how to...
* Craft an unforgettable message that hits home with your audience
* Deliver your speech in a way that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats
* Sell your message so your audience members take the exact next step you want them to take
* Master leading-edge technologies and speak to thousands without even leaving home

World Class Speaking In Action is a definitive guide for the professional speaking and coaching industry. Until now, public speaking books have covered either the art of public speaking or the business of public speaking. World Class Speaking In Action shows you how to master both.

World Class Speaking is the one-stop-shop for building breakthrough presentations and turning them into bundles of profits!

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ISBN-13: 9781630470753
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2014
Pages: 422
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, has traveled the world and trained thousands of presenters on developing World Class Speaking skills. He has been featured on television, in newspapers, and in magazines from Toronto to Taiwan. Craig is also the founder of the Speak and Prosper Course and co-founder of the World Champions Edge Program.

Mitch Meyerson is an internationally recognized expert and visionary in online business development and personal growth. He is the author of 11 books including Mastering Online Marketing and 5 online programs including The Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program and World Class Speaking. You can find more about information at

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The 12 World Class Speaking Competencies

Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson

Craig's Story

At ten years old, something disturbing happened to me. Walking through the Mall in Columbia (Maryland) by myself, I ran into my friend's father. He asked about my family. I don't remember what I said, but I never forgot his response. He fixed me in his gaze and said, "Do you know you have a serious lisp? Craig, if I were you, I wouldn't talk anymore, because every time you open your mouth, you remind me of Daffy Duck!"

My heart dropped. My confidence and esteem plummeted, and for the next five years you couldn't get a word out of me. But by age fifteen I was sick of voluntarily muting myself, so I started striving to become empowered rather than embarrassed as a communicator.

Eighteen years later, on August 21, 1999, I stood on stage in Chicago being crowned as Toastmasters International's 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking. That's a long way from Daffy Duck! Out of 25,000 contestants in 14 countries, I came home with the first prize trophy.

Since 1999, I have used the art of public speaking to become:

• the three-time Salesperson of the Year for the Mid-Atlantic Division of Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

• an award-winning management trainer for one of the largest seminar training firms in the United States

• a full-time professional speaker delivering hundreds of speeches per year all around the globe

You Want Me To Do What?!

My biggest surprise after winning the World Championship was getting a phone call from Wade Randolph. I hadn't heard of Wade, but he had heard of me! He said, "Craig, I'm from down in Richmond, Virginia, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to coach me in speaking?" I said, "Wade, I don't coach speakers." He said, "I'll pay you good money." I said, "Let me get my whistle!" Little did I know Wade would be one of thousands of speakers, from Toronto to Taipei, I would eventually coach or teach.

My success has very little to do with any innate special speaking talent. In fact, I believe speaking is 10 percent talent and 90 percent tools. Here's the tricky part: you have to have the right tools.

Mitch's Story

It was January 1998, and it was yet another cold, gray, bitter day in Chicago. My low-grade depression had become a little too familiar.

By some people's standards, I had it all — a successful psychotherapy practice, three psychology books published, good friends, and a wonderful wife.

But like a fish out of water, I craved the sunlight and warmth that seemed to be all too elusive for eight months of the year in this northern city.

Time and time again I pondered a move to a warmer climate, but my wife had a solid business in Chicago, and to be honest, I just didn't want to start a brick-and-mortar counseling business over in a new location. I felt helpless and started to wonder, Is this as good as it gets?

Fast forward to today, where I live in the warm, sunny climate of Scottsdale, Arizona, where and I enjoy a six-figure home-based business writing books and teaching online courses to excited students across the globe.

My lifestyle has lots of time for tennis, recording, performing music, and spending time with friends. I am very happy.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, I have been able to:

• co-author 11 books, including Mastering Online Marketing, Six Keys to Creating the Life You Desire, When Is Enough Enough?, When Parents Love Too Much, Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars, Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines, Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet, and World Class Speaking.

• co-create 5 online programs, including the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program, the 90 Day Product Factory, the World Class Product Creation Program, the Online Traffic School, and the World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program.

• be the featured expert for a six-city national tour with Entrepreneur magazine called Boost Your Sales by Mastering Online Marketing

How was I able to make this transition to living the life of my dreams? Five things come to mind: I developed a world-class mindset, I used the power and leverage of the Internet, I developing powerful partnerships, I took consistent, strategic action and used the 12 World Class Speaking Competencies. If you follow the system outlined, you can do the same.

Avoid This Painful Lesson

Some people think success in speaking is something you're born with or that you can simply get better at with practice. But what if you're practicing the wrong things?

"Practice doesn't make perfect; practice makes permanent." — Larry Gelwix, former coach of the Highland Rugby Team

Craig's Daughter's Story

When my daughter Tori was eight months old, she started crawling. However, to our surprise, she could only crawl backwards. To get Tori crawling forward, my wife and I put the TV remote control on the floor in front of her because we knew that was the one item she wanted most in life. Guess what she did? She crawled backwards faster! She had the ability, but not the skill, to grasp what was right in front of her. The more she tried, the farther away she got from her goal.

This is exactly what happens to those who think they can practice blindly and become better speakers. If they use the wrong tools, they only get better at getting worse. They go backwards faster. Even though the prizes of potential income, recognition, and rewards are directly in front of them, they are not able to reach them. Plus, when they reinforce these backward habits, it becomes harder to turn around and head in the right direction. It's not enough to speak. You must speak using the right tools if you want to make the right impact. It's not about talent; it's about tools.

The Right Direction

The right tools are in this book waiting for you to uncover them. Like the forty-nine Certified Speaking Coaches featured in this book, you too can use these tools to become a World Class Speaker. To make sure you're going in the right direction, we've established 12 World Class Speaking Competencies that you can master to become the kind of speaker others sign up and line up to see. Think of these competencies as muscles. The stronger you get with each of them, the more impact you will have on your audiences and the more income you will have in your bank account.

The 12 World Class Speaking Competencies: Your Speaking Muscles

We strongly suggest that you keep these 12 World Class Speaking Competencies in a visible place so you can chart your progress and build your speaking muscles each and every time you take the stage. Because World Class Speaking is about action, take a moment to do the following activity, which will be invaluable to you moving forward.

For each competency, rate yourself from 1 to 10. Give yourself a 1 if you are very poor at the competency, and give yourself a 10 if you are great at it. Chances are you will fall somewhere in between. Also, this is not a wish list. In other words, don't rate how you wish you were. Rate how you currently are. It just might open your eyes to an area you need to improve. Ready? Let's go.

1. Storytelling. Bill Gove, the first president of the National Speakers Association, said that the essence of public speaking is being able to "Tell a story and make a point." To be a World Class Speaker, you must become a world-class storyteller. On a scale from 1 to 10, how well do you feel you use stories to keep your audience on the edge of their seats and to illustrate your points?

2. Selling. Every presentation is selling something, whether it is an idea, product, or service, or it's simply getting your audience to understand the benefit of listening to your message. World Class Speakers embrace this and integrate proven selling tools into every message. Their audiences know what's in it for them to follow the speaker's advice. How well do you feel you sell your idea, product, service, or message?

3. Process driven. We always tell speakers, "When you lift yourself up, you let your audience down." Instead of selling your audience on how great you are (which is what lots of speakers do), you can sell them on how great your process, or formula, or recipe is.

4. Next steps. World Class Speakers have one exact, defined next step they get their audiences to take immediately following their presentation. They build their entire speech around getting their audiences to take that specific next step. This next step should involve you in some way.

5. Anchor driven. We have a saying that "What's loose is lost." This means that what's not tied to an anchor gets forgotten by your audience. Anchors are whatever helps your audience remember your message. How well do you use anchors (stories, analogies, activities, acronyms, visuals, etc.) to illustrate each point you make and make it memorable?

6. Begin with a bang. Did you know your audience members will decide whether or not they like you within the first 7 seconds of your speech? Within the first 30 seconds, they'll decide whether or not they want to hear more. Most speakers open with a whimper. World Class Speakers open with a bang. How well do you use the first 30 seconds of your speech to make the audience thirst for more?

7. Succinct. One of the biggest problems we see with presenters is that too many speakers try to get across too much information in too little time. The old speaker proverb states, "When you squeeze your information in, you squeeze your audience out." We tell speakers, "You can't rush and resonate." How well do you get your information across in a tightly focused and succinct way?

8. You focused. World Class Speakers know that it is never about what they give, but what the audience gets. Therefore, instead of saying, "I would like to share with you three ideas ..." they say, "You're about to receive three ideas ..." The focus is always on "you" (the audience). How "you focused" is your message?

9. Dynamic. Renowned speaker Patricia Fripp says, "The enemy of a speaker is sameness." Many speakers mistakenly believe that if you're always at the highest level of energy, and you're using vocal variety throughout the entire speech, that's being dynamic. Guess what? Even that gets tiring. That's sameness! On a scale from 1 to 10, how truly dynamic are you in your delivery?

10. Involvement. World Class Speakers constantly get and keep their audiences involved from the beginning to the end of their presentations. They realize that people buy into what they help create and making their audience part of the process helps to sell their message. How well do you keep your audiences involved all the way through your speeches?

11. Staging. Audience members remember what they see when you speak. Many speakers are so concerned with what they plan to say that they neglect to pay attention to what the audience will see. There are many ways to use the stage to clarify your message. How well do you move with a purpose and physically use the stage to increase the impact and clarity of your presentation?

12. Research/assessment. World Class Speakers meet their audiences where they are by doing pre-speech research and by assessing the energy of the audience throughout the speech. They find the pain and turn that pain into their promise. How diligently do you research your audience before you present to them?

Build Your Muscle and Better Your Impact

Here comes the magical part. As you measure and strengthen each of these competencies, you will automatically find yourself speaking at a much higher level, making a much deeper impact, and attracting much more lucrative opportunities. There's magic in these speaking muscles, as long as you build them.

How do you strengthen them? That's what World Class Speaking in Action is all about! From 49 of our Certified World Class Speaking Coaches, you'll pick up tools, processes, formulas, recipes, and steps for mastering each of these competencies, and you will see how they work in the real world.

When we say "world," we do mean "world," because these coaches are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and more, and they all share something in common. They use the World Class Speaking tools. This goes to show you that, in a global economy, these tools work wherever you go. Whenever we speak, we use these tools every time. Don't go into your next speech without them.

Let Our Long Road Lead to Your Shortcut

So whatever happened to Wade Randolph, the man who asked Craig to coach him back in 1999? Well, fifteen years later, he's a well-known professional speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach, and he has written a powerful chapter for this book! These tools worked for us, they worked for Wade, and they've worked for countless other speakers who are standing in front of audiences right now changing lives.

Like us, these Certified Coaches are in the trenches, practicing what they preach. And, just like Craig's daughter, who has gone way beyond crawling to become one of the top track stars in the country, picking up these tools will help you hit your stride and separate yourself from the pack. As a speaker, they will truly help you become World Class.


Four Words That Make a World Class Speaker

Sarah Hilton

It's true: you can have all the speaking tools in the world and still be a terrible speaker.

Imagine speaking to audiences of all sizes across the world and getting paid your desired amount — but never being called to speak again. That becomes a marketing nightmare. Marketing to a new audience or a new customer every time can be exhausting, overwhelming, time consuming, and a financial drain on your bottom line.

Now picture yourself speaking, and when you finish you discover a line has formed of interested individuals. Each of them wants you to speak at their event or coach them on that exact message you just shared, or buy your product to ensure they keep a small part of you with them. Presto! Repeat business. How do the best speakers, the successful speakers, do it? It's a process I like to call "Go BALD."

B = Believe

A = Authentic

L = Learn

D = Dream

Are you a BALD speaker? Follow the checklist below and ask yourself honestly.


1. Do you believe in your message? Is your message something you are excited about?

2. Do you believe in yourself to overcome challenges, obstacles, and hard times in your speaking business?

3. Does your belief system meet your message?


1. Are you speaking as you and not as an actor?

2. Do you feel comfortable practicing vulnerability onstage by sharing your stories?

3. Are you comfortable saying "I don't know" or "I'm not sure" even when you are supposed to be the expert?


1. Do you practice the saying "learn something new every day"? Or "I am always a student"?

2. Do you include reading as a regular activity in your week?

3. Do you walk away from your presentations asking yourself, What did I learn from my audience today?


1. Have you decided on your professional dreams?

2. Do you have a design to help you reach those dreams?

3. Do you take time to celebrate those dreams?

Are you speaking as you and not as an actor?

If you answered yes, great! You may not have known it, but you are a BALD speaker in my book. You might have answered no to one or more of the questions. That's okay. Most speakers are in the same position. As speakers we often focus on the skills it takes rather than the foundation we need.

The foundation is going BALD!

Going BALD is a lifestyle; it's a commitment and an important awakening. It took me two years to realize this need and to understand speaking from a place of depth instead of wondering what an opening looks like or how I should end my speech. It took many challenges, heartache, and pain for me to realize how important going BALD is in the speaking business. It took time to dig deep into the lives of speakers I considered mentors to see what made them successful. I realized it all came down to the person, their personality, and their presence as a speaker. I summed this up and created the process called BALD, and now I apply going BALD to all aspects of my life.


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

Part 1 The World Class Way 1

1 The 12 World Class Speaking Competencies Craig Valentine Mitch Meyerson 3

2 Four Words That Make a World Class Speaker Sarah Hilton 10

3 Phenomenal Action the World Class Way Teri Kingston 17

Part 2 World Class Speaking Structure 23

4 Structure: Your ROADMAP to Success Teresa Dukes 25

5 The ABCs for Your Bang Beginning Jeremy Tracey 32

6 Transitions: The Most Neglected Part of a Speech Kathryn MacKenzie 39

7 Use Callbacks to Connect Wade Randolph 46

8 Create a Compelling Scene David Chase 53

9 Closing with Impact: Leave Your Audience on a High Robert Gordyn 60

Part 3 Creating World Class Content 69

10 Be Diligent and Your Audience Will Be Delighted Mohamed Isa 71

11 The True Message Behind the Story Jennifer Leone 78

12 Uncovering Your PARTS Formula Rena Romano 84

13 My Pain Is Your Gain: Leveraging the Then/Now/How Technique Anna Perdriau 91

14 Tell a Technical Tale Bob Goodyear 99

15 Using Activities for Engagement Monika Sugiarto 106

16 How to Create Anchors That Captivate, Motivate, and Activate Your Audience Dr. Richard C. Harris 113

17 Metaphors: Tuning into Your Audience's Understanding Nate Dunlop 120

18 How to Uncover Humor in Your Speech Kimberly Myers 128

Part 4 World Class Speaking Delivery 135

19 Upholding the Grand Bargain: Why You Must Connect Emotionally with Your Audience David P. Otey 137

20 Using the CLAP Formula to Engage Your Audience Lewis Roth 143

21 Human Neurobiology: The Science of Speaking Success John K. Bates 151

22 World Class Body Language Hayward Suggs 159

23 Using Visuals the World Class Way Hiba Hamdan 167

24 Elevate Your Visuals from Boring to Breakthrough with the 3C Compass Manley Feinberg 176

25 Staging Your Presentation Bob Mohl 185

26 Using Emotion to Enhance the Motion of Your Message Tim Juda 194

27 Bring Your Characters to Life Valerie Fuson 202

28 Create Compelling Stories That Sell a Result Richard Ballard 209

29 Transform Your Speaking with Eye Contact Willie Joe Robinson Jr. 217

30 Mastering the Q&A Dell Self 225

31 Practice: How to Take Your Presentation from Good to Great Maureen Bell 231

Part 5 World Class Selling and Marketing 239

32 Two Steps to Earn Commitment to Your Coaching Business Michael Davis 241

33 How to Make an Offer When You Speak without Sounding Scared, Slimy, or Slick Deirdre Van Nest 249

34 Becoming a TEDx Speaker William Reed 256

35 Copyright, Trademark-What Should You Do? Jocelyne Vézina 263

36 Then/Now/How Is Your Cash Cow to Keep Sales Moo-ving Diana J. Canaday 271

37 Increase Your Income with Back-of-Room Sales Mark A. Vickers 278

38 From Conversation to Contract: Objectives to Meet Before You Finalize the Deal Jeanne R. Lee 287

39 Tapping into Asia: Don't Let It Faze You! Carl Dusthimer 294

40 Guidelines for Speaking to a Diverse Audience Danish Qasim 301

41 Keep 'em Hooked So You Get Rebooked Malachi Talabi 309

42 World Class Fundraising through Speaking Lisa Vanderkwaak 318

43 The Secret Recipe for World Class Entertainment Manoj Vasudevan 324

Part 6 World Class Virtual Speaking 333

44 Energy and Intentions: How to Connect to a Virtual Audience Shari Strong 335

45 Making YouTube Your Stage Michael Neuendorff 343

46 Engage and Grow Your Audience in the Digital World Anastasia Pryanikova 350

47 Creating and Delivering World Class Teleseminars for Fun and Profit Daniel R. Moirao 358

48 Wowing with Webinars the World Class Speaking Way Amelia "Mimi" Brown 366

49 Finding Your Voice in Social Media Henrik Brameus 374

50 World Class Speaking as a Philosophy of Life Ben Thorkelson 380

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