Writing Flash: How to Craft and Publish Flash Fiction for a Booming Market

Writing Flash: How to Craft and Publish Flash Fiction for a Booming Market

by Fred White

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Flash fiction―the art of the ultra-short story―is a challenging skill-building exercise for any writer. Learning how to compress a story to its most essential elements will make your writing vigorous, evocative, and full of emotion. In Writing Flash, acclaimed writing teacher Fred D. White gives an in-depth introduction to a fascinating genre, complete with exercises to develop and strengthen your flash-writing techniques. Writing Flash presents a complete guide to the writing techniques and creative possibilities of writing flash fiction, plus tips on publishing and marketing your own flash fiction to build your writing career. White also shows how the writing techniques of flash fiction are invaluable tools for any kind of writing, including writing novels and longer short fiction. Writing Flash won’t just help you become a better flash fiction writer; this book will help you become a better writer, period.

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ISBN-13: 9781610353328
Publisher: Linden Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
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About the Author

Fred D. White received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa. He has taught courses in writing and literature in Minnesota and, since 1980, at Santa Clara University in Northern California, where he is now Professor of English, Emeritus. In 1996 White received the Louis and Dorina Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence. White has published several books on writing, as well as dozens of stories, essays, poems, and plays. He lives with his wife in Rancho Cordoba, California.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction
The Basics of Flash Fiction
Origins of Flash Fiction I: Parable, Fable, Fairy Tale, Allegory
Origins of Flash Fiction II: The Sketch
The Influence of the Short Story on Flash Fiction
Writing Flash Fiction as Preparation for Writing Traditional Short Stories and Novels
Shaping a Flash Tale: A Quick Overview
Resources for Flash Fiction Writers
Another Invaluable Resource: Your Writer’s Notebook
Time To Pick Up Your Pen

Chapter 2: The Possibilities of Flash Fiction
Literary Flash Fiction I: Character-Based
Literary Flash Fiction II: Theme-Based
Genre Flash Fiction
Humorous or Satirical Flash Fiction
Experimental Flash Fiction
Time to Pick Up Your Pen

Chapter 3: Tools for Analyzing Flash Fiction
Analyzing Flash Fiction
Analysis of a Literary Flash Story
Analysis of a Genre Flash Story
Analysis of a Humorous Flash Story
Analysis of an Experimental Flash Story
Time to Pick Up Your Pen


Chapter 4: Writing Genre Flash Fiction
How Traditional Story Structure Works in Flash Fiction
Crafting a Genre Flash Story
Anatomy of a Genre Flash Story
Time to Pick Up Your Pen

Chapter 5: Writing Literary Flash Fiction
What is Literary Flash Fiction?
Creating Character Profiles
Describing Settings
Crafting a Literary Flash Story
Anatomy of a Literary Flash Story
Time to Pick Up Your Pen

Chapter 6: Writing Humorous and Satirical Flash Fiction
Defining “Humor” and “Satire”
The Humorist’s and Satirist’s Toolbox
How to Create a Humorous Flash Piece
How to Create a Satirical Flash Piece
Time to Pick Up Your Pen

Chapter 7: Writing Experimental Flash Fiction
Types of Experiments with Flash Fiction
Experimenting with Length
Experimenting with Subject Matter
Experimenting with Character and Viewpoint
Experimenting with Time
Experimenting with Metafiction
Experimenting with Language and Style
Some Thoughts on Hybridity
Time to Pick Up Your Pen


Chapter 8: Marketing Your Flash Fiction
Building Readership
Using Social Media to Fine-Tune Your Flash Fiction
Benefitting from a Writer’s Group or Workshop
Studying the Flash Fiction Market
Volunteering as an Editor-at-Large
Maintaining a Submissions Record
Editorial Reporting Times
A List of Periodicals that Feature Flash Fiction
Writing the Cover Letter
Time to Pick Up Your Pen

Chapter 9: Preparing a Volume of Flash Fiction: Chapbook or Full-Length Collection
Basic Suggestions
How to Give Your Book or Chapbook a Competitive Edge
Writing a Query Letter
Writing a Cover Letter
What about Prize Money or Royalties?
Time to Pick Up Your Pen


Chapter 10: Concluding Reflections, and a Self-Interview
Flash and the World of Story
Flash and the Writing Life
On a Personal Note . . .
A Flash Fiction Checklist
Time to Pick Up Your Pen

Further Reading
Anthologies of Flash Fiction
Anthologies of Short-Short Stories
Anthologies of Short Humor
Individual Author Collections of Flash Fiction or Humor
Novels or Novellas Containing Flash Fiction Episodes
Periodicals That Feature Flash Fiction

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