The Written Word

The Written Word

by Dr. Lisa Ladin-Bramet


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A compilation of Poetry and writings taken from a portion of Lisa's personal collection all of which inspire, enlighten and tap into our senses and emotions.

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ISBN-13: 9781426948886
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/31/2011
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 0.28(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gavin feel alive, warm, and about to burst from emotions. Had they finally freed him from cyrosleep? Why did he feel as if no time had pased? Had they put him in cyrosleep, or had he just fell asleep? Whatever the answer was to his many questions he would know when he opened his eyes. He waited for his eyes to take the command from his brain but they didnt. Ok so maybe they had put him in cyro and he just wasnt ready to function yet. He could wait until he could. It would be to hard for him to sense things around him so he began checking out his surounding from the darkness of his mind. Was it possible for his mind to feel more crowded after his stasis? His mind also felt smaller. The docs must have implanted something in his head to check his vitals or something. Suddenly his eyes flickered open and whatever was crowding his head became bigger and more active. Yes! So he was regaining control over his body. It was a small victory because he was looking up at a white light above his bed. A black haired nurse leaned over into his line of sight the moved back out. <br>"Hes awake Doc." He heard the sound of a chair scraping the ground though, like the nurses voice, it was faint. <br>"I am Dr. Marrow, can you tell me whst your name is kid?" Said an offical looking man holding a holopad. <br>"M-my, my name? His mouth suttered before he could think. "Shawn. My name is Shawn." A smile creased at the corners of the doctors mouth but inside he was freaking out. His name wasnt Shawn, it Gavin. Gavin Peters. What was wrong with him! <br>"Im glad to hear that Shane. Its seems the transpalnt worked." What transplant? He had just been in cyro hadnt he? The docor moved out of his line of sight before leaning back into it, now apearently sitting down. His elbow proped up underneath so he could see the doctor beeter. It was like his brain wasnt his any more. <br>"Wait, I had a transplat? As in a Soul Transplant?" Dr. Marrow nodded and typed something on the holopad. He was still looking down when he spoke again. <br>"Consider yourself lucky Shane, the vitals on your former body flatlined just after the transfer. You barely made it through." With that the doctor stood and reached a hand down to pat his shoulder. "Its time for the nurses to run a few tests so I will leave them to it." His head hurt so bad and he fealt so crowded. He still had questions. The most importon one was the biggest; if his soul had been trasnfred, why was his soul still in his body?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cali puts her hands over her head. "Guys! Watch out! Falling coconuts!" I dodge a rather large half-coconut. "Hey! I saw one like that when I woke up!" Noone seems to hear me as we trek on. My feet begin to tire inside my black Converse boots as I hear Cali's words a ways ahead of me. "I hit my head on a bana- oh my glob." Her voice drops to a whisper as she stops in her tracks. My feet stop a little bit closer to her, as I step in a puddle of mush. "Did I just step on a banana?" I look down at the soles of my boots, but the mush isn't ivory-colored, it's dark red. "Oh... my... god..." Cali's face shows a blank and horrified expression. She has a small mark of red square in between her eyes. Suddenly, I realize where the blood beneath my feet came from. It isn't Cali's blood. Drops of blood are dripping from the branch on the palm tree. Or maybe it isn't a branch. I look up at the "branch". Before I know it, I don't have enough time to feel shocked as my horrified shriek rings out through the entire palm forest and I pass out in the puddle of blood. <p> "Ava? Are you oka-" Jacquline is cut off with shock. But she doesn't scream. Niether does Hayley. The branch really isn't a branch, it's a horrifying sight. A small girl, about the age of 10, hangs from a leaf. She only has one eye, with the other one dangling from a cord coming out of the socket. Cockroaches crawl out of the socket. Her face is severed with knife cuts, various bugs squirming out of the wounds. Her remaining eye is rolled back, and blood gushes from her mouth. Her dress is ripped and shows a hole in her chest, where her heart is crushed inside. I cringe and look at the others. Rose squeaks helplessly. Cali still stands in the same position, her eyes wide with shock. Jaquline stares at it, horrified. And all Hayley does is shrug.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago