A Yankee in the Far East
A Yankee in the Far East

A Yankee in the Far East

by George Hoyt Allen, H.S. Weller

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A Yankee in the Far East by George Hoyt Allen, author of “It Tickled Him”; with Illustrations by H. S. Weller; Copyright, 1915; 2nd Edition

CH1. War Hell and Bull Fights
CH2. “Missouri” and His False Teeth
CH3. Wong Lee--The Human Bellows
CH4. Hawaii--And the Fisherman Who’d Sign the Pledge
CH5. The Umpire Who Got a Job
CH6. The Japs’ Five-Story Skyscraper and a Basement
CH7. Japanese Girls in American Costumes--They Mar the Landscape
CH8. Ceremonious Grandmother--”Missouri” a Heavenly Twin
CH9. Ushi, the Rikisha Man
CH10. Missionaries, Tracts, and a Job Worth While
CH11. Yamamoto and High Cost of Living
CH12. The Soldier Said Something in Chinese
CH13. Ten Thousand Tons on a Wheelbarrow and the Ananias Club
CH14. “Missouri” Meets a Missionary
CH15. A Sto-O-Rm at Sea
CH16. The Islands “Discovered” by Dewey
CH17. White Filipinos, Aguinaldo, and the Busy Moth
CH18. Singapore--The Humorist’s Close Call
CH19. The Hindu Guide a Saint Would Be
CH20. Penang--A Bird, the Female of Its Species, and the Mangosteen
CH21. Burma and Buddha
CH22. Baptists and Buddhism
CH23. The Rangoon Business Man Who Drove His Sermon Home
CH24. The Glass of Ice Water That Jarred Rangoon
CH25. The Calcutta Sacred Bull and His Twisted Tail
CH26. The Guide Who Wouldn’t Sit in “Master’s” Presence
CH27. Royalty Vs. “Two Clucks and a Grunt”
CH28. One Wink, Sixteen Cents, and Royalty
CH29. The Englishman and Mark Twain’s Joke, “That’s How They Wash in India”
CH30. English as “She Is Spoke” in India
CH31. A Five Days’ Sail and a Measly Poem
CH32. Beating the Game with One Shirt
CH33. Through Hell Gate Steerage

There are so many ways suggested these days by the various periodicals on how to make money at home, it would seem that all ingenuity in that direction must be exhausted; but how to make money abroad seems to me to be almost a virgin field.

New pastures have always interested me, and if I can add to the sum of human happiness by a wise suggestion, and point the way to satisfy an almost universal longing to see the world,--for instance, if I can show how one can make a luxurious world tour and come out ahead of the game while doing it,--I shall be only too glad.

It’s no new trick to _beat_ one’s way around the world with the hardships attending such an enterprise, but to tell how to do it in ease and luxury surely ought to earn me the gratitude of my fellow-men.

Get a bunch of pencils and some pads of paper and announce to a waiting editorial world that you are about to take a trip around the globe, and that you propose to write some letters of travel and syndicate them. That, for a consideration, you’ll let some good papers print ‘em.

Don’t be modest about naming a good round price for the consideration of letting your papers in. Because you’ll need the money.

All editors you’ll find are hankering for letters of travel.

Letters of travel are a novelty. The first editor you call on early in the morning, say about ten o’clock (that’s early enough to get to work in this new enterprise I’m tipping you off to--gone is grinding toil and worry--let others moil), this first editor of some big daily (big dailies are the easiest)--don’t be timid--brace right up to him, and give him your proposition in a nutshell--easy-like--right off the bat.

It will be a pleasure to you to watch him brighten up at your offer.

Managing editors of big dailies are hard-worked men.
(continued - see Author's Preface)

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