Yes, Ma'm, He Found Me in a Honky Tonk

Yes, Ma'm, He Found Me in a Honky Tonk

by Leona WilliamsLeona Williams


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Beloved among country aficionados -- Merle Haggard took his love so far he married her in the '70s, but Loretta Lynn was instrumental in her discovery -- Leona Williams never quite got the credit she deserved. Certainly, she didn't tear up the country charts during the '70s, when she was an active commercial concern. She hovered at the very lower reaches of the charts, popping up into the Top 10 for the 1978 Hag duet "The Bull and the Beaver," and almost cracking the Top 40 in 1983 for "We're Strangers Again." That latter single doesn't show up on Bear Family's long, long-overdue 2013 compilation Yes, Ma'm, He Found Me in a Honky Tonk, a triple-disc set that is her first-ever CD release. All of her recordings between 1968 and 1980 are here, along with a previously unreleased 1986 album produced by Tompall Glaser that is quite clearly a throwback to the classic hardcore country that was Williams' specialty. Raised on Kitty Wells and following in Lynn's footsteps (not to mention the path of Tammy Wynette), Williams was a traditionalist ready to change with the times. There's a clean punch to her recordings that tie them to the time as much as her modern-minded songs (she's proud to have been found in a honky tonk and she sings of a "Country Girl with Hot Pants On") but her music never goes pop; she stays true to the post-war hard country she grew up loving. Williams was a hell of a singer -- powerful yet slyly avoiding histrionics, emotional but never sappy -- and her songs were strong, too, so her lack of chart success now seems like a matter of bad breaks, as the three discs on this superb Bear Family set illustrate she's as good as they come.

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Release Date: 06/09/2016
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 5397102172465
catalogNumber: 1197094
Rank: 70243


Disc 1

  1. A Woman's Man
  2. Ten Minutes 'Til Heartaches
  3. Broadminded
  4. I Just Wanted You To Be Proud of Me
  5. I Narrowed This Triangle (Down To Two)
  6. Papa's Medicine Show
  7. I Want Some More of This
  8. Once More
  9. If I'd Only Listened To Mama and Dad
  10. This Ain't a Home No More
  11. They'll Never Take His Love From Me
  12. Just Because of You
  13. The Circle of Friends
  14. When I Stop Dreaming
  15. Baby, We're Really In Love
  16. Watch Her Go
  17. Yes, Ma'am (He Found Me In a Honky Tonk)
  18. Babe, Just For You
  19. So Goes My World
  20. Somewhere Inside
  21. The Old Place is Gone
  22. Listen Spot
  23. He's Just You Made Over
  24. Country Girl With Hot Pants On
  25. Country Music In My Soul
  26. Since I'm Not with the One I Love (I'll Love the One I'm With)
  27. The Boys and Lucy Brown
  28. A Gentleman On My Mind
  29. Tom Lucas
  30. A Woman's Life is More Than Just a Man
  31. Happy Anniversary, Baby

Disc 2

  1. Out of Hand
  2. Ain't That Fine
  3. How Great Thou Art
  4. Cheese Cake and Apple Pie
  5. Your Shoeshine Girl
  6. I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
  7. I'd Rather Die (Loving Him)
  8. I Can't Tell My Heart That
  9. I Spent a Week There Last Night
  10. Anything Goes ('Til Everything's Gone)
  11. It's Tearing This Ole Heart Right Out of Me
  12. Everybody Loves Me But You
  13. A Lifetime To Forget
  14. You Don't Love Me Like You Mean It
  15. Just Like a Prayer
  16. Hey I'm Somebody (Not Just a Body)
  17. For All I Know
  18. There's More Love In the Arms You'll Be Leavin'
  19. Shape Up or Ship Out
  20. I Wonder Where I'll Find You At Tonight
  21. If Anyone Ought To Know
  22. I Want To Live Again
  23. That Lonely Unloved Wife Look
  24. Mama, I've Got To Go To Memphis
  25. Window Up Above
  26. Rockin' Rollin' Stoned
  27. Bright Morning Light
  28. The Bull and the Beaver
  29. I'm Getting High

Disc 3

  1. The Baby Song
  2. Call Me Crazy Lady
  3. Good Nights Make Good Mornings
  4. He Took Care of Me
  5. Yes Ma'am
  6. Any Port In a Storm
  7. Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee
  8. Touch and Go
  9. I Can't Break the Habit
  10. I Barely Am Getting By
  11. Catching Craw Fish
  12. Aberdeen
  13. Why Be a Dreamer
  14. Midnight Blue
  15. The Good Times Are Ready To Come
  16. My Heart Has Finally Said Goodbye
  17. Guitar Pickin' Song
  18. You Put Out an Old Flame
  19. We've Had Some Good Times
  20. North Alabama
  21. Too Close To Home
  22. The Bridge That Got Me Over Him

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Leona Williams   Primary Artist,Vocals
Buddy Emmons   Steel Guitar
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle
Merle Haggard   Vocals
Stuart Basore   Steel Guitar
Lea Jane Berinati   Choir, Chorus
George Binkley   Strings
Jimmy Capps   Guitar
Jerry Carrigan   Drums
Marvin Chantry   Strings
Charles Cochran   Piano
Ronald Drake   Choir, Chorus
Bobby Dyson   Bass
Dolores Edgin   Choir, Chorus
Jack Eubanks   Guitar
Ralph Gallant   Drums
Carl Gorodetzky   Strings
Hoyt Hawkins   Choir, Chorus
Walter Haynes   Steel Guitar
Thomas "Bunky" Keels   Percussion,Piano
Benny Kennerson   Piano
Dave Kirby   Guitar
Sheldon Kurland   Strings
Mike Lawler   Keyboards
Weldon Myrick   Steel Guitar
Fred Newell   Guitar
Roy Nichols   Guitar,Leader
Ron Oates   Piano
Dave Pomeroy   Bass
Ronnie Reno   Guitar
Leon Rhodes   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Piano
Billy Sanford   Guitar
Eldon Shamblin   Guitar
Richie Simpson   Drums
Jimmy Tittle   Guitar
Gary VanOsdale   Strings
Pamela VanOsdale   Strings
Sharon Vaughn   Choir, Chorus
D. Bergen White   Strings
L.E. White   Vocals
Mark Yeary   Piano
Joe Zinkan   Bass,Guitar
Roy Huskey   Bass
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Choir, Chorus
David Hooten   Bass
Sam Wellington   Choir, Chorus
Thomas Lee Jackson   Fiddle
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
William Paul Ackerman   Drums
Howard Forrester   Fiddle
Billie "Tiny" Moore   Mandolin
Robert C. Thompson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Ernest West   Choir, Chorus
Joe Allen   Bass
Joseph T. Babcock   Choir, Chorus
James Carlisle Isbell   Drums,Leader
June Evelyn Page   Choir, Chorus
David Briggs   Piano
Hollis R. "Red Lane" DeLaughter   Guitar
David Carroll Kirby   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Leader
Thomas Grady Martin   Guitar
Ron Williams   Vocals
Robert Ogdin   Piano
Thomas R. Brannon   Choir, Chorus
Bob L. Moore   Bass
James Colvard   Guitar
Harald Rugg   Steel Guitar
James Throckmorton   Choir, Chorus
Charles R. "Charlie" McCoy   Harmonica
Harold Ray Bradley   Guitar
Jerry D. Smith   Piano
Herman Bland "Pete" Wade   Guitar
Murrey M. "Buddy" Harman   Drums
Norm Hamlett   Steel Guitar
Sonja Carol Montgomery   Choir, Chorus
Norman Keith "Buddy" Spicher   Fiddle
Hurshel Wayne Wiginton   Choir, Chorus
Raymond C. Walker   Choir, Chorus
Biff Adams   Drums
Beegie L. Cruser   Piano
Bert Lyons   Choir, Chorus
Jeffrey P. Newman   Steel Guitar
Doyle Grissom   Steel Guitar
David Reece   Piano
Brent Kurkett   Choir, Chorus
Kate Sisters   Vocals
Stephen Richard Chapman   Guitar
Ronald W. Reno   Guitar,Choir, Chorus
Richard Garrett   Choir, Chorus
Norbert A. Puttman   Bass
Lloyd L. Greene   Steel Guitar
Kenneth A. Buttrey   Drums

Technical Credits

Merle Haggard   Composer,Producer,Duet
George Jones   Composer
Ray Pennington   Producer
Eddie Rabbitt   Composer
Eddy Raven   Composer
Conway Twitty   Composer
Terry Gibbs   Composer
Tompall Glaser   Producer
Leon Payne   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
Bill Emerson   Composer
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Glenn Barber   Composer
George Binkley   String Overdubs
Charlie Black   Composer
Jimmy Bowen   Producer
Marvin Chantry   String Overdubs
Byron Gallimore   Composer
Don Gant   Producer
Jerry Gillespie   Composer
Carl Gorodetzky   String Overdubs
Sam Hogin   Composer
Bill Inglot   Multi-Track Mix
Eddie Kilroy   Producer
Dave Kirby   Composer,Producer
Sheldon Kurland   String Overdubs
Ira Louvin   Composer
Charlie Louvin   Composer
Gary S. "Flip" Paxton   Composer
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Gary VanOsdale   String Overdubs
Pamela VanOsdale   String Overdubs
Porter Wagoner   Producer
D. Bergen White   String Overdubs
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Hank Williams   Composer
Leona Williams   Composer,Illustrations,Duet
Jack Anglin   Composer
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