Yeshua ... the Screenplay: A Day in the Life of Jesus the Man

Yeshua ... the Screenplay: A Day in the Life of Jesus the Man


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A day in the Life of Yeshua the Man. Reach beyond the boundaries of tradition and dogma to see the man Yeshua before his Ministry, a day in his Life, his friends, his enemies, his mission. The screenplay seeks to share him free from the English accent, flowing robes, long hair, beard, and supernatural power. The screenplay presents him as a man visiting an ancient city with a young boy who learns what love is by watching Yeshua and the world that was forever changed by the love and courage of a man committed to tear down the hypocrisy of arrogant priesthood and replace it with a promise of peace for all who see his later suffering at Calvary as a call to action. The screenplay will amaze you. You will laugh. You will weep. You will be inspired to love. Know the world he lived in before his ministry. His friends, his enemies, his mission. Know the man who changed your world. See him as he was and is today in you!

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ISBN-13: 9781497482098
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/28/2014
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

I broke away from society's mold before it could imprison my dreams.
I searched old books for wisdom of the ages, trusting nothing written after World War I.
I sought truth that never changes, truth cast aside by today's insane media-driven politics and its imaginary bell-curve of acceptable thinking, truth that is and will always be the only hope for mankind and the eventual achievement of world peace.
My passions are the fundamentals of justice, the mystery of the gospel, and the principles that legitimize exercise of government power over the people.
The ancient writers call each of us to be unique, to think for ourselves, dare to be different, and do all we can in each passing generation to clear away the cobwebs of colloquial confusion, replacing them with a functional morality that cries out to be communicated to this modern world by every means available.
So I write.

- Founder of American Justice Foundation, 2013
- Bachelor of Science degree, FSU, 1965
- Juris Docto, Stetson College of Law, 1985
- Admitted to the Bar, 1986
- Licensed to State and Federal Courts, 1986
- Licensed to the Gospel Ministry, 1989
- Licensed U.S. Ocean Master, 1992
- Licensed Merchant Marine First Mate, 1977
- Licensed Private Pilot, 2010
- Licensed 1st Class Radiotelegraph Operator, 1989
- Licensed Commercial Radio/TV Engineer, 1989
- Licensed Amateur Radio Extra Class W4AH, 2003
- Sailor, boatbuilder, musician, loving husband

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