Yoruba Philosophy and the Seeds of Enlightenment: Advancing Yoruba Philosophy

Yoruba Philosophy and the Seeds of Enlightenment: Advancing Yoruba Philosophy


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For upwards of 25 years, Yemi D. Prince (also known as Yemi D. Ogunyemi) has systematically devoted himself to the education, research and reason of Creative Writing and from Creative Writing to Creative Thinking and from Creative Thinking to Yoruba narrative, cultural, folk philosophy. On realizing that Creative Thinking has become his area of focus and interest, he succeeds in cultivating big ideas, combining them with his life-long experiences in the Humanities, transforming them into new ways of writing, thinking or reasoning. (Some of his big ideas have led to the publication of booklets such as Yoruba Idealism, We Should All Be Philosophers, The Artist-Philosophers in Yoruba land, Codes of Morality and Pursuit of Wisdom.) Thus his big ideas have helped him separate Yoruba folk philosophy from Yoruba autochthonous religion. With his love for big ideas, born out of Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking, he has been able to put a new face on Yoruba Philosophy.

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ISBN-13: 9781622734825
Publisher: Vernon Art and Science
Publication date: 10/29/2018
Series: Series in Philosophy
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Yemi D. Prince (also known as Yemi D. Ogunyemi) is a luminous literary philosopher, often fascinated by books, letters and the power of words. With Creative Writing, Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking, he delightfully and systematically blends Yoruba philosophy with folktales-literature, and religion. Former research Fellow, Harvard University, former Director, Institute of Creative Writing, Yemi has authored over 40 titles of literary works-fiction, nonfiction, plays, poetry and children's stories. His recent publications include Studying Creative Writing in Nigeria, The Birth of a Child in a Fishing Boat, his memoir, and The Oral Traditions in Yorubaland.

Table of Contents


The Conspectus


Introduction xv

Chapter 1 Yoruba Philosophy in the Beginning

Chapter 2 The Kernel of Yoruba Philosophy

Chapter 3 Oduduwa’s Leadership Philosophy

Chapter 4 The Power of Words and Love

Chapter 5 Some Hints in Teaching Yoruba Philosophy

Chapter 6 The Philosophy of Sacrifice

Chapter 7 Head, the Philosophy of the Body

Chapter 8 A Typical Yoruba Narrative Philosophy

Chapter 9 Diviners as Philosophers

Chapter 10 Artistic Expression of Yoruba Philosophy

Chapter 11 The Metaphysical Divinities

Chapter 12 The Ontological Journey to the Atlantic Yoruba

Chapter 13 The Theory of Narrative, Literary or Folk Philosophy

Chapter 14 Vicissitudes of Yoruba Philosophy

Chapter 15 The Sociology of Yoruba Philosophy

Chapter 16 The Symbolism of Oshogbo School of Arts Movement

Chapter 17 The Political Philosophy of Chief Awo (1909-1987)

Chapter 18 The Sublimity of Fagunwa’s Philosophy (1903-1963)

Chapter 19 The Royalties and the Yoruba Thought

Chapter 20 The Import of Ijapa’s Philosophy

Chapter 21 Yoruba Philosophy of Happiness

Chapter 22 A New Dawn—Part One

Chapter 23 A New Dawn—Part Two

Chapter 24 The Way to Enlightenment

Chapter 25 The Effects of Psychology on Yoruba Thought

Chapter 26 The Characteristics of Yoruba Pragmatism

Chapter 27 The Effects of Paradoxes on Yoruba Philosophy

Chapter 28 The Impacts of Proverbs on Yoruba Thought

Chapter 29 The Philosophical Aphorisms

Chapter 30 The Colourful House of Ethics

Chapter 31 The Religion-Philosophy of Samuel Ajayi Crowther (1807-1891)

Chapter 32 Philosophy of Yoruba Language


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