You Can Free Yourself from the Karma of Chaos

You Can Free Yourself from the Karma of Chaos

by Tina Louise Spalding


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We have come here as a group to help you because it is a pivotal time in your planet's evolution. You are seeing monumental changes in your society now. To achieve the shifts that these transfigurations will bring about, you must understand your minds, histories, and human nature as you experience it on the ground, in your hearts, and in your consciousnesses. You are going to be shown another version of the story about one of the great horrors of your twentieth century - the Holocaust. This kind of devastation has happened many times in your society. There have been massacres, mass extinctions, and social atrocities throughout your history, but this one continues to live in your hearts and minds. We must address it so that you can move into the new world - your new elevating and increasing frequency of consciousness - without old baggage.

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ISBN-13: 9781622330577
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Pages: 206
Sales rank: 303,839
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

At the age of forty-two, Tina Louise Spalding had been through two divorces and harbored a deep dissatisfaction with modern life. She found solace through an intense immersion in A Course in Miracles. Ten years of internal transformations followed, climaxing on the summer solstice of 2012, when Tina was infused with a powerful and ecstatic energy - a group of nonphysical teachers named Ananda. Now she dedicates her life to writing and speaking for nonphysical beings, sharing their wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Introduction xv


What to Expect xvi

Part 1 A History Misunderstood 1


Chapter 1 You Are Being Manipulated 3

You Are Holy Beings 4

Chapter 2 Earth's Long History 7

Many Civilizations Came Before 7

Free Will and Duality 10

Chapter 3 The Universe Is Your Mirror 13

Recognize Your Frequency 14

The Opportunities of Reincarnation 15

Teachings Come in a Variety of Packages 16

Chapter 4 You Are Not Your True Selves 19

You Can Reduce Your Suffering 20

Chapter 5 The Glorious Exploration of Consciousness 23

The Mind Seeks Peace 24

Spiritual Repression Is Easing 25

There's More to You than You Know 26

The Reality About Time and Space 27

Chapter 6 The Systemic Reducers of Frequency 31

The Fight Isn't Over Oil 32

Chapter 7 The Seduction of Power 37

There Is No Judgment, Only Options 39

Choose Love 40

Chapter 8 Know Your Natural Magnificence 43

Reclaim Your Power through Forgiveness 44

Retrain Your Mind through Love 46

Chapter 9 The Danger of Projection 49

Violence Begets Violence 50

War Is Never the Solution 51

When You Focus on the Past, You Re-create It 53

Chapter 10 Forgive the Violence of the Holocaust 55

Your Experiences Reflect Your Beliefs 56

Distractions of Fear and Violence Keep You from Love 58

Chapter 11 Read the Writing on the Wall 61

Forgive in the Eternal Now 62

Remove Your Blindfold 63

Begin a Revolution Within 65

Chapter 12 Match Your Frequency to Gaia's 67

Stand Up and Raise Your Frequency 68

Choose Your Internal Transformation 70

Chapter 13 How to Help Yourselves 73

Exercises to Help You Shift 74

Chapter 14 The Dark Secret Revealed 79

The Battle between Love and Fear 82

Side with Love 83

Chapter 15 Modern Methods of Frequency Manipulation 85

The Manipulation of Sexual Energy 86

You Always Have a Choice 87

Turn Off the Violence in Your Mind 90

Chapter 16 Implement Your Spiritual

Reconditioning Program 93

Take Your Foot Off the Brake 94

You Are in This Together 95

Part 2 The Galactic Federation Supports Earth's Evolution 99

Extraterrestrials Speak

Chapter 17 Spirituality Is Universal 101

Ananda and the Andromedan Galactic Council

About the Andromedan Council 102

A Healing Phase Is Required 104

You Must Help Earth Heal 105

Chapter 18 The Call for Assistance 107

The Andromedan Council

Light Will Win 109

Protect Your Power 110

Chapter 19 Get Back to the Basics 113

The Andromedan Council

Resist Negativity 114

The Value of Community 116

Become Quiet to Hear Us 117

Chapter 20 Redefine Violence 121

The Andromedan Council

Abstain from Violence in Thought and Deed 123

Add Love to Everything You Do 125

Chapter 21 Reduce WiFi Exposure 127

The Andromedan Council

You Always Have a Choice 128

Love Yourself First 129

Chapter 22 Choose Actions That Reflect Love 133

The Andromedan Council

How to Create a New Reality 135

Love Always Creates 136

Your True Nature Has Tremendous Power 138

Chapter 23 Send Only Ripples of Love 141


Allow Your Mind to Be a Doorway for Love 142

Your Nature Is to Create 143

Questions to Ask That Retrain Your Mind 145

Chapter 24 The Light Is Coming 149


Begin a Revolution of Love 150

Pull Back the Veil of Darkness 151

Resist the Mindset of War 153

Chapter 25 Help to Create a New Era of Cooperation 155

Ananda and the Little Grays

Telepathic Messages of Peace 156

Pay Attention to How You Feel 158

Chapter 26 Embrace the Change 161

The Ashtar Command

Stop Doing Things You Don't Enjoy 162

Do Something Different 164

Chapter 27 Know That You Are Powerful 167

The Arcturian Council

Do Things You Love 169

Embrace the Desire to Break Free 170

Chapter 28 Earth Has Extraordinary Support 173

The Andromedan Council

Let Your Heart Lead You 173

Capitalism Is Not the Answer 174

Leave Your Prison Cell 176

Chapter 29 Plant Seeds of Change 179


Recognize Your Manipulation 181

The Transition to freedom 182

Chapter 30 Creation Perpetually Extends 185


Learn to Love Yourself 186

Forgive 188

People Have Been Manipulated through Religion 189

Practice Loving Kindness 190

About the Author 192

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