You Promised Me Forever

You Promised Me Forever

by Monica Murphy

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I've got it all, they say. I'm the starting quarterback for the best NFL team in the league. I'm rich. I'm famous. I can have any woman I want, any time I want.

Yeah, I've got everything--except for the one who got away. How do you move on from loving the same girl since you were in the seventh grade? She promised me forever until forever got too hard and at nineteen, she dumped me.

By text message.

Now she's walked back into my life. Just as beautiful. Just as sweet. Just as smart. More grown up and incredibly sexy...

We're older now. Supposedly wiser. This time, I'm going to fight for what I want, no matter how hard it gets.

This time, I'm going to make her mine.

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BN ID: 2940161616284
Publisher: EM Publishing
Publication date: 08/29/2018
Series: Forever Yours , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 33,905
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About the Author

Monica Murphy is the New York Times bestselling author of One Week Girlfriend and its sequel, Second Chance Boyfriend. A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.

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You Promised Me Forever 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Tuttle and Amanda and this book of them as adults and having their happy ending.
Tasha Mahoney More than 1 year ago
There were some things that I really liked about You Promised Me Forever, and some aspects that I was less taken with. I liked Jordan and the fact that despite his success and resentment he is at heart a decent guy. I really liked the writing style and the way that the dual Point of view was separated into paragraphs and there was never any doubt about who we were with in any particular moment. The writing quality was excellent and the chapters were just the right size for my taste. I wasn’t over keen on Amanda, though I cannot identify why. I just did not warm to her, though I didn’t particularly dislike her. For a character to have a strong impact on me I have to like or really dislike them. I think that the sports star, high school romance, second chance trope is a popular one so to stand out, a story needs be amazing and while You Promised me Forever was really good, it didn’t stand out from some others. Ok, having said that, I should make the point of saying that the quality of writing of the books that I have read within this area has been extremely high and Monica Murphy’s talent is, in my opinion and based on this one book, right up there. This story just didn’t hit the spot for me. I would not hesitate to read more work by Monica Murphy as her writing style is incredibly reader friendly and You Promised Me Forever was beautifully paced and had a pleasingly natural flow. Thank you to Monica Murphy and Social Butterfly PR for providing me with a review copy of You Promised Me Forever. These are my honest thoughts.
MaryJoMI More than 1 year ago
Well this was unexpected. I thought Amanda and Jordan had found their happily ever after but alas, growing up and being separated got in the way and Amanda broke up with Jordan. When Jordan does a more personal interview on TV, Amanda gets brave and reaches out via social media. She is shocked when Jordan responds. Is there a chance for these two to find or realize that they never lost the love they had as teenagers? Amanda still carries her insecurities of not being good enough for Jordan and well, Jordan is afraid Amanda is going to crush his heart again. Watching these two reconnect is a wonderful. They have a deep love so I was excited to see them embrace this again and give it another try. Their chemistry is off the charts and well, their bedroom skills have definitely expanded delivering very sexy moments. Truly a wonderful couple that deserves a happily ever after.
Thi More than 1 year ago
When I read that Amanda and Tuttle broke up, I was heartbroken. Completely gutted. These two were perfect for each other and I really thought that they would still be together but that wasn’t the case. I was angry at Amanda for breaking Tuttle’s heart but I was more disappointed in Tuttle for not fighting harder for her. Amanda’s insecurities I can understand because it’s Tuttle: handsome, rich, charismatic and he’s away and not taking any time out for her so I get it but for him to just let her go without a fight was mind boggling. I was crushed but when they reconnected, it was a thing of beauty. I loved how they fell in love with each other again. Maybe they did need time apart to go and see what was important, I just wished they didn’t have to go through it.
Caitlin_A More than 1 year ago
Monica Murphy has severely spoiled us with You Promised Me Forever, book one in the new Forever Yours series. Jordan Tuttle is back in all his glory and more perfect than before, as impossible as that sounds. I highly advise starting the previous Friends series first to get all the history of Jordan and Amanda as to fully understand these two and how everything came to be. Who says social media is just to post silly things or read fake news? One message from Amanda Winters is all it takes to bring Jordan back into the picture six years after ending their relationship when he was in college and she was still at home. Insecurities and self doubt hit real strong, causing Amanda to make a heartbreaking decision that stayed with her ever since. Now adults and leading two very different lives, the high school lovebirds are back for either a second chance on something real or closure for good on a very historic past. I love that this story was honest and straight to the point, no matter how brutal it had to be. Jordan and Amanda have gone through so much together with not only each other but on their own as well. Past and present collide big time creating one raw but passionate storyline. I also love how in between all the angst is some fun, flirtatious moments that had me smiling big time. I'm very curious to see where Monica Murphy goes with this series and whatever comes next I will be more than happy to read.
DavaDora More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! Sometimes all we need to correct a wrong or heal old wounds, is to reach out. You Promised Me Forever is a perfect example of how it’s done; this beautifully written love story takes us on a journey of forgiveness that ends in an emotional HEA. This book's main characters were featured in an earlier Friend series, when they were in high school, and this is their story. Told in dual POV, we get a glimpse of their past and the reasons they broke up, only toreconnect six years later. Amanda ‘Mandy’ Winters felt she had to break up with her best friend/boyfriend, Jordan, when he went off to college. Jordan was a big man on campus, playing football and living the single college dream, while she was stuck at home, going to community college. He was too busy for her, she felt she was left by the wayside, as an afterthought. It’s been six years since then, and she still misses Jordan. They were each other’s firsts. “There’s a lot of history between Jordan and me. History that I can look back on with a sort of nostalgic fondness.” She’s working as a Physical Therapist and has dated but never gotten seriously involved with anyone. When Amanda sees Jordan on a TV interview, talking about the one who got away, she wonders if he’s talking about her. When she decides to reach out to him, via Instagram, Jordan contacts her almost immediately. Jordan Tuttle is living his dream, as an NFL star quarterback, but six years later he’s still nursing a broken heart. When Amanda sent him a text message ending their relationship, soon after he went away to college, he was hurt, brokenhearted and angry. Years later, he can admit she might have had good reasons for breaking up. “I realized I’m just as much to blame for the breakup as she is. She gave up on me. I gave up on her too. And that’s hard to admit.” After she gets in touch with him, Jordan’s tempted to see her again; to rub her nose in everything he has, so Mandy can see what she could have had with him. Until Jordan sees her in person and remembers everything he loved about her. He wants to make sure Mandy won’t get away this time, but he’s still a little gun-shy. “I won’t make the first move.” “What are you talking about?” “You. Me. I refuse to make the first move. I’ve done that time and again over the years, and you still ended up destroying me.” Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith and make the first move. All it takes is that first step for wonderful things to follow! “What exactly do you want?” “Whatever you’re willing to give me.” “Damn. She keeps this up and I’ll give her the whole damn world. Anything she wants. Everything I have. Will be hers.” There are some amazing secondary characters that I hope we’ll read more about later; this is the first book in the new Forever Yours series. Yaaaaay, so happy!
BBBGirlsBlog More than 1 year ago
Jordan and Amanda were high school sweethearts who promised each other forever. Life doesn't always keep a couple happy and together, sometimes our own insecurities keep us from those we love. Six years later Jordan is the QB for an NFL team and Amanda has her job as a physical therapist and are single. Fate has a way of bringing together soulmates until they get it right. I adored how Jordan worked his butt off to get Amanda to fall in love all over again. Reviewed by: Alex L.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
This was just what I was waiting for, it was hot, sweet, and swoony. I love Monica Murphy’s style, she always pulls me in. And “You Promised Me Forever” was a fantastic ending to Jordan Tuttle and Amanda Winters’ Love Story. I could not put this story down, once I picked it up I read it in one sitting. I enjoyed Jordan and Amanda so much. Them reconnecting was super entertaining for me and had me smiling big time. I loved learning about how their break up went down and where they were now in their lives. I loved that they both had moved on with their lives but still kept the memories close to their heart. I loved Jordan and Amanda’s flirting and banter as they reconnect and get to know each other all over again. I like how Amanda was cautious but some what open. Jordan was so so sweet. Really wooing her and that made me melt. He had matured so much in the six years that they had been apart and was such a likable character. I loved their flirting and the build of heat they had, a seriously great connection. There’s some mild drama that was thrown into the mix, causing some concerns for Amanda but never for Jordan. He was just so solid with his feelings still for her and it totally melted my heart. Entertaining, sexy, hot and oh so sweet! Another Monica Murphy story that was so exhilarating and that leaves a smile on my face and my heart so happy. If you haven’t read Amanda an Jordan previous books you are missing out. Get them now!! Now I have to read this one again. LOVED IT! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
BookAddictLive More than 1 year ago
It was a real pleasure to read this book, as I have had a soft spot for Amanda and Jordon after meeting then in More Than Friends. So meeting a mature Tuttle was pure pleasure, he had everything he wanted in life, but it was empty without Amanda. Amanda thought she was okay until she saw him being interviewed, and messaged him. So if you have followed their romance this is a must read, but if you haven’t followed the couple from high school, this is a wonderful well written second chance romance. To feel the love read the first 2 books. Then you can approve of the adult Mandy and Jorden and there forever. For me this was a real pleasure, a must read for fans of Tuttle and Amanda.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
YOU PROMISED ME FOREVER is the first instalment in Monica Murphy’s contemporary, adult FOREVER YOURS erotic, romance series- a spin off from the author’s FRIENDS series. This is twenty –five year old, NFL star quarterback Jordan Tuttle, and PT assistant Amanda Winters’ story line. We were first introduced to Amanda and Jordan, high school sweethearts, in Monica Murphy’s young adult series FRIENDS. YOU PROMISED ME FOREVER fast -forwards the couple’s story approximately six years. There is a slight cross-over with the author’s One Week Girlfriend series with the mention of Drew Callahan. You do not have to have read the FRIENDS series to follow, but for back story and cohesion I recommend checking it out. Told from dual first person perspectives (Amanda and Jordan) YOU PROMISED ME FOREVER focuses on the rekindling romance between twenty –five year old, NFL star quarterback Jordan Tuttle, and PT assistant Amanda Winters. Six years earlier Amanda Winters broke Jordan Tuttle’s heart by walking away without explanation or cause-a break up text that left our couple destroyed and floundering for years to come. Jordan’s college football life gave way to loneliness for Amanda, loneliness that pushed Amanda out of his life. Fast forward to present day wherein Jordan Tuttle is now an all-star quarterback in the NFL, and Amanda Winters works as a physio-therapist’s assistant. A recent television interview with Jordan revealed that he too, hadn’t stopped thinking about the ‘girl’ that got away, so our heroine decides to reconnect with the man that she still loves. What ensues is the rebuilding romance between Jordan and Amanda, and the potential fall-out as Amanda struggles with Jordan’s fame and the paparazzi nightmare. Amanda Winters hasn’t stopped loving Jordan Tuttle but destroying his heart meant humiliation and potential grovelling for a second chance. Jordan knows that Amanda is the woman for his happily ever after but proving she is worthy takes a special kind of overture for his ‘pretty woman’. The relationship between Jordan and Amanda is one of second chances with limited conflict or accusations; an emotional reunion fraught with sexual tension, and years of pent up pain and anger for our story line couple. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The secondary and supporting characters include Amanda’s co-workers Cade and Lena whose friendship with Amanda falters in the face of Jordan’s return; Jordan’s best friend and fellow football player Cannon Whittaker; and Lady Susanna Sumner. I am hoping for a story line between Cannon and Susanna. YOU PROMISED ME FOREVER is a story of friendship and love; second chances and romance; forever and a happily ever after. The premise is spicy and sweet; the romance is sexy and sassy; the characters are animated and enchanting.
BookAngel_Emma More than 1 year ago
You Promised Me Forever is a love-fest for second chances. No-one ever really believes high school romances are going to last forever, people take different paths as they make their way through life. So although Amanda and Jordan were the high school golden couple, their youth and lack of life experience created a gap between them when Jordan's life turned upside down when he went to college and began playing some serious football. Leaving Amanda behind in community college, highlighting the differences in their economic status as well as their ability to maintain a long distance relationship. Lonely and frustrated Amanda felt she had no other option but to end their relationship in order to allow them both the freedom to pursue their careers and whatever else may cross their paths. However, neither has fully moved on and each harbors their own regrets about the demise of their relationship. More than that is the loss of the friendship and understanding they shared throughout most of their lives. When a television interview with Jordan opens an avenue to reconnecting, Amanda seizes the opportunity.  Although a number of years have passed since Amanda and Jordan last saw each other it is as if someone had pressed pause on their relationship and all of their old feelings come swooping to the surface as they get to know each other again.  I completely adored Jordan and although he held a lot of anger over their break-up, he was able to deal with his emotions maturely and accept that both parties were at fault in some ways. The beauty of hindsight helps prevent the same mistakes from happening again. Jordan realizes relationships take time and effort in order to remain healthy, while Amanda recognizes her insecurities and the triggers for them allowing her to be more confident and secure as a result. You Promised Me Forever is fast-paced and adorable with no angst just a lot of fairytale romance 
mjlovestoread More than 1 year ago
Sometimes I crave a love story of two people who were meant to be, no matter what. And with You Promised Me Forever, Monica Murphy gave me exactly what I needed. I have adored Jordan Tuttle since the Friends series of books and now we get him as an adult with the yearning he has for Amanda Winters just as fierce as ever. I can't thank Murphy enough for allowing me to be there when Jordan and his Mandy find one another again after 6 long years apart. But make no mistake about it, there is plenty of push and pull and angst where these two are concerned. That still has not changed but it's what makes them so irresistible all these pages later. Monica Murphy always knows how to write the most lovely of romances. One that is full of heart and soul and simply makes me smile. I will always love Jordan and Mandy and I'm thrilled the author decided to give us just a little more of their love. You Promised Me Forever is wonderfully-written and a true treat for the Author's devoted fans. There's even an Easter Egg that I will always welcome since my first days reading Murphy's books. 5 warm and fuzzy stars!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
A love in transition equals a heartbreak on the horizon. Can Jordan and Amanda forgive the mistakes of their young love and take a chance on building something new? Nobody does the angst of teen aged love like Monica Murphy. You Promised Me Forever takes a detour on the highway of regret and pain before it reaches the ramp of goodbye. It's hard to appreciate what you have until you lose what you always wanted. A life lesson hard earned, but that we're so much better for. What started with a sweetness ends with drama. A bond severed by neglect. Can the damage be repaired by a little time and distance? From lovers to friends then back again. Murphy puts her heart in this tale of second chances.