Your Health, Your Vitality, Your Choice: An Interlude with an Esoteric Herbalist

Your Health, Your Vitality, Your Choice: An Interlude with an Esoteric Herbalist

by Yvonne Tait


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When you allow your body to heal itself through appropriate Nutrition and Natural Medicine, living a healthy life doesn't have to be complicated. It's Your Health, Your Vitality, Your Choice.

Chronic Fatigue and Arthritis came in the aftermath of a two and a half year battle with Ross River virus. It was 1984 when Yvonne Tait - then aged forty- five - felt like a very old lady.

Several prescription medications led to even more misery as their side effects kicked in.

Fortunately, a chance encounter delivered her to the door of Natural Medicine. This instigated a full recovery which, subsequently, led to much study. She qualified as a Medical Herbalist and Iridologist working in her own Natural Health clinic, enjoying a career spanning over twenty years.

In this book, Yvonne shares her own philosophy of healing, along with many original authentic Case Histories and 'in clinic' memoirs. Her insights into healing will allow the reader to feel inspired and confident in taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. She discusses many and varied common ailments of each body system e.g. Muscular Skeletal system and Arthritis; The Skin and Eczema the diet and natural treatments she has employed successfully over the years.

The softcover version of the book can be used as a cover to cover read, and/or; used as a health reference/information book by utilizing the comprehensive index.


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ISBN-13: 9781504301060
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Pages: 642
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.42(d)

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Your Health, Your Vitality, Your Choice

An Interlude with an Esoteric Herbalist

By Yvonne Tait

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Yvonne Tait
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0106-0



"Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth"

Serge Kahili King – The Aloha Spirit.

Health could be described as: a state of being well, or being sound of body and mind. In dealing with health, I cannot emphasise enough that prevention is better than cure. I realise that this is often easier said than done.

But knowledge is power. Utilising knowledge can lead to a healthy and happy life. You can have a life that is not tied to the medical paradigm. A paradigm of fear and pharmaceutical drugs that suppress symptoms; yet often do nothing to address the cause of the symptoms people suffer.

In short, good health boils down to good nutrition and good stress management; always underpinned by your belief system.

If you are unwell and you wish to regain your wellbeing, or you are well and wish to remain so, my advice to you would be the same in each instance:

It begins and ends with responsibility. Responsibility for your thoughts, your actions and reactions; responsibility for everything you eat and drink to nourish your body, and everything you read and watch to nourish your mind.

Every choice you make brings its own effects. You can choose to live in fear, constantly turning up for tests for this and screenings for that, whilst continuing to eat and drink rubbish and allowing your mind to be filled with junk from all forms of media. Or you can take responsibility for yourself.

The human body possesses an innate intelligence of its own. Given the correct nurturing on all levels, that intelligence can reverse even serious health conditions.

That intelligence needs neither manmade scientific input to select the nutrients needed from the foods that you eat; nor a map to guide those nutrients to the correct pathways in the body. The intelligence is there; all that is required of you is to supply good nutrition for all levels from uncontaminated sources, thus ensuring your best chances of living a healthy and happy life.

Advising people about taking responsibility for good choices is the basis of my work. I have much evidence in my case files that supports the success of this method.

Considering general misinformation that the greater populace is subjected to regarding Natural Medicine or Alternative Healthcare; the following case histories may come as something of a surprise to you. The facts of the cases presented are correct, the personal details – names, dates, places etc. – have been changed to preserve the privacy of those concerned.

As you read through this book, notice particularly I point out very clearly that you are not powerless. You always have choices. Those choices extend to maintenance after recovery; it is so easy to slide back into old habits and revisit the health problems.

Case history #1

The patient - I will refer to him as Tom - felt very unwell and his hair was falling out by the handful.

He had been unwell for two months from what was originally diagnosed as 'flu.' Tom was prescribed nonstop antibiotics which he consumed for about six weeks; at which point he was admitted to hospital. There he was found to have pneumonia. During his three weeks stay in hospital, investigations revealed three lumps on his liver.

He was sent home and told '"Put your affairs in order." No treatment was offered or suggested.

About a month later in October 2000 he was called back to the hospital for a liver biopsy following an ultrasound. He was told he had cancer of the liver.

My colleague, who practiced live blood analysis at the time, took a sample of his blood, (a simple finger prick) and viewed the drop of blood.

Amongst other things, this procedure gave us an insight into the functioning of the patient's system and nutritional needs.

Through iridology, a thorough case history and the analysis, we were able to put into place a program to encourage this man's body back into a state of health.

Life-style changes were essential. First he needed to stop smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. He was prescribed vitamins and minerals and several herbal formulas which I mixed for him. He chose to implement the program by following it to the letter.

It took about twelve months, and then he was back playing golf.

He had made a complete recovery.

This man had actually refused to believe he had cancer. He was convinced the diagnosis from both ultrasound and liver biopsy were wrong.

Given the right circumstances - and here we had them: a complete change of diet and lifestyle and a refusal to believe the prognosis - the body is capable of wonders.

This man last visited my clinic, in 2008. I hadn't seen him for some years; he requested a nerve tonic. I mention this visit because I thought the fact that the man had survived quite well for eight years after being told he was terminal with liver cancer may be of interest. I didn't see him again after that visit.

* * *

This next case history; my colleague and I first had published as a case study: 'Haemochromatosis' in the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism Volume 11 Issue 1, 1999 page 41. And Volume 14 Issue 2, 2002 page 89.

Permission Editor AJHM 30/715.

The following version was written with more depth of feeling by the patient herself and is published here by permission:

Case History # 2

In January 1998 a young woman I will refer to as Molly, presented with Haemochromatosis which had been diagnosed in 1987.

Molly was very emotional and nervous and felt she had lost all quality of life:

"I was advised mid 1987 of positive results to blood test for Haemochromatosis. At this stage I was pregnant with our first child due in March 1988. Pregnancy blood test results were sent to a University Professor.

I visited the Professor at a large local hospital in March 1988 following the birth of my baby; I was breastfeeding and I refused to have a liver biopsy at this time. Full blood tests were taken in October 1988 and a liver biopsy was performed in March 1989 confirming high levels of iron stored in the liver.

Suggested treatment by the Professor was 6 monthly blood testing to monitor levels. He also monitored my second pregnancy in 1989-90. Blood test results for any tests taken during this time were never given to me.

In July/August 1996 I suffered a severe kidney infection and was hospitalised for 10 days. During this time the doctors found that the iron overload had affected the kidneys and the lungs.

Venesections (bloodletting) were commenced on 5/10/96 with 250 to 500mls of blood being taken weekly. The amount of blood taken was increased to 600mls and continued on a weekly basis.

The weekly venesection took a toll on me: I felt ill and had no energy for at least 24 hours following the draining.

In September 1997 they paused the draining whilst I had a hysterectomy on 17/9/97. Another liver biopsy was performed at the same time as the aforementioned operation.

Weekly venesections of 600mls recommenced in October 1997.

I visited Yvonne and her colleague in January 1998 and commenced on their program but remained under the GP's guidance as well. Venesections were gradually dropped to fortnightly, then monthly and stretched to 6 then 8 weeks. I was virtually having venesection when I felt I needed it. Still 600mls of blood was being taken each time.

My final venesection was February 2000 when the GP wanted to sign me up for a liver transplant list. His rationale: that in much better general health I could withstand the operation. I declined this suggestion..

I returned to mainstream medicine under a different doctor, March 2002, in order to get blood tests done to ascertain my Haemochromatosis status.

A huge difference in results.

Results of tests ranging from October1996 to March 2002:

Serum ferritin levels (considered normal at the time: 10-150mcg/L):

October 1996: 945mcg/L.

March 2002: 155mcg/L.

Trans ferrin Saturation (considered normal at the time:16-50%):

October 1996: 78%.

March 2002: 51%.

Serum Iron (considered normal at the time:10-33umol/L:

October 1996: 96umol/L.

March 2002: 37umol/L.

Note the dramatic improvement in the blood test readings above.

Both Yvonne and her colleague were very understanding of my problems and symptoms. They treated me as a Whole Person not just one specific problem/symptom. Their treatment gave better results in 18months than in ten years of mainstream treatment.

They had me assess my lifestyle and gave me direction on changes that needed to be made.

I was finally able to lead a relatively normal life with my family, free of strong pain killers and function as a human being and not just 'go through the motions' each day.

The results of the latest blood tests in 2002 show the results of their treatment."

NB: Further to Pathological Blood Analysis in 2002, a scan of the liver was performed: The results indicated at that time, that the liver was normal.

* * *

The emphasis of Natural Medicine is the treatment of the whole individual. It aims at re-establishing health rather than treating the symptoms of specifically named diseases.

"Scientists are telling us that the number of different genetic combinations possible in a child from the same two parents exceeds 42 million." Quote: by permission: 'Biochemical Individuality and Nutrition.'

In my opinion, all the research, double blind studies and guinea-pig experimentations in the world cannot produce drugs effective for every individual in such a diverse gene pool.

In an address given by the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company, he explained that because of the diversity of personal genetic makeup, most medical drugs in use are only effective in around thirty percent of patients. He indicated that research is being carried out into the development of medications capable of targeting certain genetic types; who have the potential to produce certain diseases.

As I see it, they are way behind the times; it is already known that we are not –to a great degree - victims of our genome. Genes are only expressed when environmental factors unlock them. By environmental, I mean both the internal (body) and external (living conditions) environments. It means we have to be vigilant and make good choices in where we live, how we live, manage our stress, eat uncontaminated food and keep our bodily functions in balance.

Of course one could always opt for the genetic drugs when they become available. My question is: could these very expensive medicines unlock even more serious gene expressions due to imbalances they may cause?

Be sure to educate yourself on your options and make an informed choice.

* * *

Case History #3

A patient in his late thirties - I will refer to him as Jack - arrived at my clinic with an unusual problem. 'Wastage of Many Muscles' an autoimmune disease which - over time - destroys the muscles of the body.

He suffered great pain and weakness. The muscles in the calves of his legs had wasted away, and his shoulder blade muscles were disappearing also, making it very difficult for him to even walk up a flight of stairs without leaning precariously. He had been advised that as the condition progressed he would eventually be unable to breathe.

The complaint started eight years before, and he had been taking cortisone in doses ranging from 30mg down to 10mg daily depending on the activity of his disease. Just a few months prior to his visit with us, he was given a course of chemotherapy in the hope it would help to bring the condition under control. Unfortunately it just served to add to his misery with a skin rash and multiple food allergies. These he claimed developed after the treatment with chemo.

He was very stressed as you can imagine, and had turned up at my clinic out of sheer desperation. As a result of our discussion he began on a natural treatment program. His diet needed great attention because he was reacting to most foods. He began by eating small amounts every two hours: steamed vegetables, organically grown, and low protein.

Prolonged cortisone treatment and poor dietary choices had encouraged a Candida yeast overgrowth, which in turn increased the ferocity of the skin rashes.

Needing something to replace cortisone, I prescribed high-grade liquorice in very low doses, and gradually reduced the cortisone accordingly.

Fortunately, he was open to meditation and learnt a few simple techniques with the aid of tapes and books from my clinic. Meditation was helpful and he felt much calmer within himself, not getting quite as stressed with his situation.

The inflammatory process active in the muscles in this condition is assessed by measuring the CPK enzyme through medical blood testing. Normal is regarded as 140.

His orthodox medical blood test results at the time of commencement on the Natural Medicine program was: CPK enzyme reading 659 and dosage of cortisone was 30mg daily.

After nineteen months on his Natural Medicine program, blood test results revealed a CPK enzyme reading of 171 and he had been able to cease taking the cortisone altogether.

* * *

As I see it: the twenty - first century is a very unhealthy age in which to live.

We have - as the human race - introduced so many poisonous chemicals into our world, affecting the food chain, our bodies and the atmosphere, that eventually our addiction to these manmade poisons will - no doubt - destroy not only the human race but the planet itself.

In support of the above statement I ask you to consider: chemical drug therapy, chemicals in our food and water, chemicals in our atmosphere. The emotional and financial stresses of everyday life and a generalised sense of anxiety about what the future might bring. All these factors add up to a very sick existence.

One of the outcomes of this situation is the incredible opportunity afforded the 'Sickness Industry', to put enormous amounts of money into the pockets of companies for drugs. Drugs which often cause problems euphemistically referred to as 'side effects'.

When a medication creates new symptoms, another medication is prescribed to counteract the medication-induced symptoms of the first one. So on and on it goes, round and round on a prescribed drug merry-go-round.

For all the scientific research that has gone on over the last century, never before has a generation of both young and old alike been so sick.

People are living longer, but quality of life is diminished by serious health issues.

I was born in 1939 and as I cast my mind back to my childhood and young adulthood; thinking of my family and friends - a very substantial number of people - I ask myself these questions:

• How many cases of breast cancer did I hear of? None.

• How many cases of childhood cancer did I hear of? None.

• How many diabetics did I know? None.

• How many autistic children did I know or read about in the press? None.

• How many children were constant sources of worry to both parents and teachers alike because of Attention Deficit Disorder? In my family - I had five siblings and large extended family - in my school and in the homes of my friends none.


Excerpted from Your Health, Your Vitality, Your Choice by Yvonne Tait. Copyright © 2016 Yvonne Tait. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, xi,
Foreword #1, xiii,
Foreword #2, xv,
Foreword #3, xvii,
Preface, xix,
Introduction, xxi,
Part 1 A Defective Medical Paradigm?,
Chapter One: Effectiveness, 3,
Chapter Two: Be mindful: The twenty first century can be a health hazard. And food for thought, 33,
Part 2 Body systems: Some Common Ailments and Some Natural Treatments,
Chapter Three: An introduction to Part 2, 109,
Chapter Four: The Gastrointestinal System an Overview, 113,
Chapter Five: Some Dis -Eases and Natural Treatments of the Gastrointestinal System, 120,
Chapter Six: Some Maladies and Natural Treatments of the Nervous System and the Brain, 176,
Chapter Seven: Some Diseases and Natural treatments of the Respiratory System, Nose, Throat, Ears and Eyes, 213,
Chapter Eight: A look at the Immune System & some Natural Treatments, 259,
Chapter Nine: The Urinary System in Brief, 269,
Chapter Ten: Some Maladies & Natural Treatments of the Urinary System, 271,
Chapter Eleven: The Circulatory/Cardiovascular Systems in brief, 279,
Chapter Twelve: Some Maladies of the Cardio/Circulatory system & Natural Treatments, 281,
Chapter Thirteen: Some Maladies & Natural Treatments of the Mucular Skeletal System, 291,
Chapter Fourteen: Some Maladies & Natural Treatments of the Skin, 300,
Chapter Fifteen: A Guide to Herbs for the Female System, 315,
Chapter Sixteen: PMS/PMT, HRT, The Pill, Fake Oestrogens, 319,
Chapter Seventeen: More Concerns of the Female System, 323,
Chapter Eighteen: Some Maladies & Natural Remedies of the Male reproductive system, 358,
Part 3 A Spark of Truth,
Chapter Nineteen: An Introduction to Energy and Healing, 363,
Chapter Twenty: Some Aspects of Energy Healing, 394,
Part 4 The Natural Pharmacy,
Chapter Twenty One: Glossary of the Therapeutic Actions of Herbs, 409,
Chapter Twenty Two: Glossary of Herbs mentioned in this book, 413,
Chapter Twenty Three: Harvesting, 576,
Chapter Twenty Four: Measurements and Preparation, 579,
Epilogue, 593,
An Afterword, 595,
References, 597,
Index, 605,

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