You're Sensational: Cole Porter in the 20's 40's & 50's

You're Sensational: Cole Porter in the 20's 40's & 50's


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Arriving a year late for the songwriter's centenary, the Indiana Historical Society's 1992 box set You're the Top: Cole Porter in the 1930s carried no hint of a follow-up. But seven years later came this combination prequel and sequel, another three-CD/cassette collection that, like its predecessor, carries more than a whiff of idiosyncratic academia. With a first disc devoted to Porter's work of the 1910s and '20s (the title notwithstanding), and two more given over to the '40s and '50s, it takes the same approach, proceeding (more or less) chronologically by the dates of the songs' composition, but ranging back and forth across decades in terms of the sequence of recordings. Thus, it leads off with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire's 1975 recording of the 1914 copyright "I've a Shooting Box in Scotland," followed by Olive Kline's contemporary recording of the 1919 song "Old Fashioned Garden," and then Porter's own 1934 take on "Two Little Babes in the Wood," from 1924. Since Porter's songs generally are better remembered than the shows and films from which they came, a mere listener is likely to find the result aurally confusing. It is necessary to seriously peruse the 158-page, 9 x 12 booklet, with its discursive essays, to appreciate the album's organization. The producers have tracked down some interesting material that has not been issued legitimately before, particularly a couple of onstage recordings of Ethel Merman in Panama Hattie, and that is indicative of the taste for the arcane they display, which also leads them to include partial performances of some songs and ten jazz instrumentals (usually following vocal versions of the same songs). There are omissions (notably "Always True to You in My Fashion") and questionable choices, but the Porter scholar will appreciate the oddities. The Porter neophyte should look elsewhere, however.

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Release Date: 10/19/1999
Label: Koch Int'l Classics
UPC: 0099923740025
catalogNumber: 7400


Disc 1

  1. I've a Shooting Box in Scotland
  2. Old Fashioned Garden
  3. Two Little Babes in the Wood
  4. I'm in Love Again
  5. I'm in Love Again
  6. Don't Look at Me That Way
  7. Let's Misbehave
  8. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
  9. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
  10. Wake up and Dream
  11. Looking at You
  12. Looking at You
  13. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  14. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  15. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  16. They All Fall in Love
  17. You Do Something to Me
  18. You've Got That Thing
  19. The Tale of the Oyster
  20. I Worship You
  21. Why Don't We Try Staying Home?
  22. Hot-House Rose
  23. The Laziest Gal in Town

Disc 2

  1. I've Still Got My Health
  2. Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please
  3. Let's Be Buddies
  4. Dream Dancing
  5. Dream Dancing
  6. So Near and Yet So Far
  7. Ev'rything I Love
  8. Ace in the Hole
  9. Let's Not Talk About Love
  10. Through Thick and Thin
  11. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
  12. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
  13. By the Mississinewah
  14. Girls
  15. I Love You
  16. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
  17. Only Another Boy and Girl
  18. Be a Clown
  19. Overture- Another Op'nin', Another Show
  20. Wunderbar
  21. So in Love
  22. So in Love
  23. I Hate Men
  24. Where Is the Life That Late I Led?
  25. Brush up Your Shakespeare

Disc 3

  1. Kiss Me Kate
  2. Were Thine That Special Face
  3. Use Your Imagination
  4. Cherry Pies Ought to Be You
  5. From This Moment On
  6. From This Moment On
  7. C'Est Magnifique
  8. I Am in Love
  9. It's All Right With Me
  10. It's All Right With Me
  11. I Love Paris
  12. Stereophonic Sound
  13. Allez-Vous En
  14. All of You
  15. Siberia
  16. Ça C'est l'Amour
  17. High Society Calypso
  18. I Love You, Samantha
  19. True Love
  20. You're Sensational
  21. You're Sensational
  22. Now You Has Jazz
  23. Well Did You Evah?

Album Credits

Performance Credits

William Bolcom   Piano
Fred Astaire   Vocals
Rosemary Clooney   Vocals
Bing Crosby   Vocals
Marlene Dietrich   Vocals
Judy Garland   Vocals
Danny Kaye   Track Performer
Gene Kelly   Track Performer
Mabel Mercer   Vocals
Ethel Merman   Vocals
Frank Sinatra   Vocals
Jo Stafford   Track Performer
George Barnes   Guitar
Bunny Berigan   Trumpet
Ruby Braff   Cornet
Henry Busse   Trumpet
Eddy Duchin   Piano
Billy Eckstine   Vocals
Herb Ellis   Guitar
Bud Freeman   Tenor Saxophone
Erroll Garner   Piano
Benny Goodman   Clarinet
Jake Hanna   Drums
Plas Johnson   Tenor Saxophone
Barney Kessel   Guitar
Yank Lawson   Trumpet
Barbara Lea   Vocals
Mel Lewis   Drums
Dave McKenna   Piano,Vocals
Ted Nash   Reeds
Red Norvo   Vibes
Art Pepper   Alto Saxophone
Bill Perkins   Tenor Saxophone
Oscar Peterson   Piano
André Previn   Conductor
Jimmy Raney   Electric Guitar
Hazel Scott   Piano
Bobby Short   Piano,Vocals
Maxine Sullivan   Vocals
Claude Thornhill   Piano
Brian Torff   String Bass
Mel Tormé   Vocals
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Paul Whiteman   Conductor
Lee Wiley   Vocals
Teddy Wilson   Piano
Red Nichols   Trumpet
Joe Bushkin   Piano
Dick Cary   Alto Saxophone
Barrett Deems   Drums
Ziggy Elman   Trumpet
Jack Hylton   Conductor
Lou Levy   Electric Piano
Matty Matlock   Reeds
Oscar Moore   Guitar
Adrian Rollini   Baritone Saxophone
Babe Russin   Tenor Saxophone
Lou Stein   Piano
Dick Wellstood   Piano
George Wettling   Drums
Stu Williamson   Trumpet
Mae Barnes   Vocals
Stan Freeman   Piano
Phil Moore   Conductor
Daryl Sherman   Piano,Vocals
Maurice Chevalier   Vocals
King's Singers   Track Performer
Elaine Stritch   Vocals
Buddy Cole   Conductor
Jack Armstrong   Violin
Roberta Peters   Vocals
Joan Morris   Vocals
Jackie Cain   Violin
Jane Harvey   Vocals
Gordon MacRae   Vocals
Coleman Hawkins   Tenor Saxophone
Leonard Joy   Conductor
Leslie Hutchinson   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Greta Keller   Vocals
Alfred Drake   Vocals
David Burns   Vocals
Bubber Miley   Trumpet
Trummy Young   Percussion
Irving Aaronson   Conductor
Jimmy Abato   Reeds
Porcino   Trumpet
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet,Vocals
Denzil Best   Drums
Maurice Bialkin   Cello
Harry Bluestone   Concert Master
Ray Brown   String Bass
Philippe Brun   Trumpet
Burness   Piano
Lennie Bush   Bass Saxophone
Eddie Calhoun   String Bass
Red Callender   Tuba
Oscar Castro-Neves   Guitar
Gene Cipriano   Organ
Nat King Cole   Piano
Gary Coleman   Bass Saxophone
Conrad Gozzo   Trumpet
Alex Cores   Violin
Adolph Deutsch   Conductor
Kurt Dieterle   Violin
Art Drelinger   Reeds
Nick Fatool   Drums
Morey Feld   Drums
Barry Galbraith   Guitar
Harry Glickman   Violin
Johnny Green   Conductor
Harry Sosnik   Conductor
Lennie Hayton   Conductor
Dick Hazard   Conductor
Milt Hinton   String Bass
Bill Hood   Baritone Saxophone
Terry Jenkins   Drums
Osie Johnson   Drums
Jimmy Jones   Piano
Roy Kral   Piano
Billy Kyle   Piano,Electric Guitar
Ford Leary   Trombone
Cliff Leeman   Drums
Brian Lemon   Piano
Richard Leonard   Piano
Jack Lesberg   Bass Saxophone
Leon Maleson   String Bass
Joe Mondragon   Bass Saxophone
Marty Paich   Conductor
Marian McPartland   Piano
Eddie Miller   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Miller   String Bass
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello   Reeds
Billy Munn   Piano
Nelson Riddle   Conductor
Beverly Peer   Baritone Saxophone,Vibes
Nigel Perrin   Counter Tenor (Vocal)
Cole Porter   Piano,Vocals
Dorothy Remsen   Harp
Frank Rosolino   Trombone
Hank Ross   Reeds
Mischa Russell   Violin
Charles Sanford   Conductor
Sarah Vaughan   Vocals
Hymie Schertzer   Reeds
Robert Scott   Drums
Arvell Shaw   Bass Saxophone
Norris "Bunny" Shawker   Drums
Bill Stegmeyer   Clarinet
Alvin Stoller   Drums
Tom Morgan   Guitar
Len Walker   Guitar
Cy Walter   Piano
Sid Weiss   String Bass
Wayne Wright   Guitar
Vincent DeRosa   Flugelhorn
Paul Ricci   Reeds
Jesse Smith   Reeds
Max Farley   Reeds
Johnny Rosen   Violin
Austin Young   Vocals
Garland Wilson   Piano
Hildegarde   Piano,Vocals
Sal Cibelli   Violin
Lew Conrad   Violin
Noel "Chappie" d'Amato   Reeds
Jack Fulton   Trombone,Vocals
Ernie Gibbs   Trombone
Jack Greenberg   Reeds
Bernard Kaufman   Reeds
Bob Leitner   Reeds
Matty Malneck   Violin
Louis Martin   Reeds
Mike Pingatore   Banjo
E.O. Pogson   Reeds
Leo Reisman   Conductor
Phil Saxe   Reeds
Charles Strickfaden   Reeds
Mack Walker   String Bass
Burt Williams   Reeds
Manuel Zegler   Bassoon
Irene Bordoni   Vocals
Olive Kline   Vocals
Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Paul Whiteman Orchestra   Track Performer
Stan Andrews   Violin
Joe Lipman   Conductor
Billy Taylor   String Bass
Jimmy Taylor   Trumpet
Arnold Fishkind   String Bass
Robert Merrill   Vocals
Peter Yorke   Piano
Boyce Cullen   Trombone
Pembroke Davenport   Conductor
Lew Davis   Trombone
Chester Hazlett   Reeds
Johnny Raitz   Reeds
Charles Gaylord   Violin,Vocals
Chummy MacGregor   Piano
Billy Ternent   Reeds
Rinker   Vocals
Brian Kay   Bass (Vocal)
Joe Crossman   Reeds
Jack Ferrier   Reeds
Alastair Hume   Counter Tenor (Vocal)
Simon Carrington   Baritone (Vocal)
Hal McLean   Reeds
Mario Perry   Violin
Harry Atlas   Tuba
Anita Boyer   Track Performer
Vic d'Ippolito   Trumpet
Paul Fenoulhet   Trombone,Trumpet
Harry Greenwald   Trumpet
Johnny Guiffrida   String Bass
Bob Jenney   Trombone
Clem Lawton   Tuba
David Opatoshu   Track Performer
Jack Raine   Trumpet
Louis Shaffrin   Trumpet
John Sperzel   Tuba
Gretchen Wyler   Vocals
Harry Clark   Vocals
Neil Richardson   Conductor
Bill Tronstein   Reeds
Basil Wiltshire   Drums
Pat O'Malley   Violin
Alastair Thompson   Tenor (Vocal)
Lasco   Track Performer
Averil Pollard   String Bass
Barbara Ashley   Vocals
Julius Shaier   Viola
Tasso Harris   Trombone
John Bowman   Violin
Charlotte Greenwood   Vocals
William Redfield   Vocals
Patricia Morison   Vocals
Lillian Lane   Violin
Jack Diamond   Vocals
Annabelle Hill   Track Performer
Joe Coleman   Violin
Manny Berger   Drums
Harry Brown   Trumpet
Dale Brown   Reeds
Henry Lascoe   Vocals
Leon Belasco   Vocals
Grace Kelly   Track Performer
Wilbur Evans   Vocals
Paula Laurence   Vocals
Betty Garrett   Vocals
Taina Elg   Track Performer
Paul Winter   Violin
Karen Tuttle   Viola
Amer   String Bass
Sonny Farrar   Banjo
Bob Sprentall   Trumpet
Vincent Grande   Trombone
Freddie Bretherton   Conductor
Geoff Howard   Violin
Jim Merritt   String Bass
George Marsh   Drums
Anthony Holt   Baritone (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Bill Borden   Arranger
Skip Martin   Arranger
Marty Paich   Arranger
Cole Porter   Composer
Conrad Salinger   Arranger
Victor Young   Director
Neil Richardson   Arranger
Ferde Grofé   Arranger

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