Zhdk-A Future for the Arts: Zurich University of the Arts Inaugural Publication

Zhdk-A Future for the Arts: Zurich University of the Arts Inaugural Publication

by Hans-Peter Schwarz

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What does the actor Bruno Ganz have in common with photographer Olaf Breuning, or film director Andrea Staka with dancer Kusha Alexi? Along with designer Adrian Frutiger and musician Anne-Sophie Mutter, they all studied at Zurich’s legendary art schools. In August 2007, these institutions, which were previously separated by discipline, merged to form one of Europe’s most multifaceted and significant art education centers, Zurich University of the Arts. To mark its founding, ZHdK—A Future for the Arts recounts the history of the previous schools, examines the importance of their well-known alumni, and sets forth ambitious goals for the newly formed institution.
Richly illustrated and accompanied by companion CD and DVD in PAL format, this volume traces the history of Swiss art education and features perspectives that span the entire curriculum. ZHdK—A Future for the Arts is not just a portrait of a single university, but a rendering of Swiss cultural history of the past fifty years. 


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ISBN-13: 9783858817099
Publisher: Verlag Scheidegger and Spiess
Publication date: 02/15/2008
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 8.59(w) x 12.53(h) x 1.45(d)

About the Author

Hans-Peter Schwarz is the founding president of the new Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. He has taught art history and worked as a curator in Germany and Switzerland.

Table of Contents

Horizons of Art

Hans-Peter Schwarz
Making Memory More Precise: 450 Years of Art Education
The Future of the Arts
Hans-Peter Schwarz
The Zurich University of the Arts 2022: A Vision Rooted in Reality
Daniel Fueter
The Department of Music, 2007-2015
Jacqueline Otten
In the Year 2017: Reflections on Design in a University of the Arts
Christoph Weckerle
The Department of Cultural Analysis
Hartmut Wickert
The Department of Performing Arts and Film: Drama
Oliver Matz
The Department of Dance: A Look at the Future
Bernhard Lehner
Film Training: Playground, Laboratory, and the Route to the Professional Job Market
Giaco Schiesser
Art School Without Condition: Art Education in Postindustrial Society
Notes on a Neglected Discussion
Michael Eidenbenz
Art in the Here and Now of Higher Education: The Zurich University of the Arts' Centers of Production
Corina Caduff
Research Between the Arts
Andrea Gleiniger
Under the Roof of Architecture: Building for Art Education in the Twentieth Century
Notes on a Piece of Unwritten Architectural History
ZHdK--7 Theses
Matthias Michel
The Structure of the Zurich University of the Arts
Martin Woodtli
Visual Worlds
Urs Fanger
A universe of images with portraits and works of famous alumni of the institutions which now combine in the Zurich University of the Arts, reflecting its aura and atmosphere
A Universe of Arts (CD/DVD)
Nicole Biermaier, Janine Schiller
A selection from shows and productions of music, drama, media art, performance, and dance

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